7 thoughts on “Endangered places: Saving St. Alphonsus

  1. I am so glad you featured the BEAUTIFUL St. Alphonsus Church in your newsletter.
    My husband and I recently attended an Electric Yats Concert at the Church and were mesmerized by the beauty and splendor of this historic New Orleans gem.
    We had never been in the Church before that evening. We plan on attending future Yats concerts there and have told others how simply beautiful this old building is. I hope it always stands in splendor .

  2. Beneath all the beauty is danger.
    A section of a roof truss, a hefty piece of lumber about 9”x 14”x 12′ has collapsed from water and termite damage (probably).
    The roof has been leaking for 6 years that I know of; I have no knowledge how long before that. The roof is under warranty, so repairs would be done with a good discount; the Friends have at least $80,000 in their treasury plus some dedicated funds. The organization is supposed to have a building committee. A 5-gallon bucket accidentally accurately placed in the attic during a rain, has been emptied 3 times when found near full.
    Termite damage is extensive, but particularly in the timbers supporting a 4000-lb bell.

  3. Thanks for bringing the plight of one of New Orleans’ treasure to the attention of Uptown Messenger readers. St. Alphonsus Church is a gem which needs to be preserved and revitalized.

  4. I hate to see such a treasure in disrepair but is it any surprise with a religion that’s hemorrhaging believers? The Catholic church can afford to pay out millions to their victims and have gilded pageantries all while our architectural heritage crumbles. Pry it from the hands of this evil cult and let the free market decide its future.

  5. If I were one of the elite with fat pockets I would without a doubt bring back this art treasure to a healthy status where anyone & everyone that’s ever walked through it’s doors in its history would be elated, happy & proud that it could continue to be a place of healing, peace & beauty for many many more years for all to enjoy!❤️

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