Community photo shoot today at Dryades and Toledano

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(Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy)

From the Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy this week continues its third “Embrace the Culture” virtual series with a weekly “Geaux Live NOLA” event — part of a multi-week series that will feature live-streamed performances by local artists and musicians.

This week’s event has been rescheduled to today, Feb. 19, from noon to 4 p.m. This will be a community photoshoot with photographer Felice Gee. The event will take place on the corner of Dryades and Toledano streets. A maximum of 10 people every half hour can participate.

Community members are asked to sign up for a time slot here. Your picture will be taken with a postcard that you will fill in. “My New Orleans is (fill-in the blank).”

Each photo will be put into a mural and printed onto a large banner showcasing the collected images of community photos which will be revealed at the end of March. The event is a way to engage community faces and voices during a time of solitude.

Gee, a multidisciplinary artist, is archiving community perspective and culture. What started out as a documentary evolved into a community engagement project, meditation video installation, and photography exhibit.

To sign up for the event, click on the following link:

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