Sewerage & Water Board repairing water valve in Carrollton area

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From the Sewerage & Water Board

Starting at 8 a.m. today (March 21), Sewerage & Water Board crews will repair a broken water valve on South Carrollton Avenue and Zimpel Street in the Carrollton neighborhood.

This work is being done in order to avoid a future unexpected loss of service in this area. This valve replacement will also increase the redundancy needed to protect the distribution system.

During this repair, some residents in the Carrollton neighborhood will likely experience low to no water pressure. All water pressure is expected to be restored before the end of day.

Residents in the area are asked to make any necessary preparations and ask residents near the impacted area to call 52-WATER immediately if they experience a drop in pressure.

Valves are critical to our water distribution system because they allow the S&WB to reroute drinking water to our customers while conducting repairs or responding to emergencies.

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