Tampon Tax Protest Tour makes stop at Tulane

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To combat the taxing of menstrual products, the national Tampon Tax Protest Tour for menstrual equity will make its New Orleans stop on Tulane University’s campus today (Nov. 22).

“Recognizing that taxes on menstrual products are discriminatory and illegal,” organizers said, “New Orleans will be part of a collective action against taxing these products, which, along with diapers, are currently taxed by the State of Louisiana.”

The protest is part of a national effort called Tax Free. Period, organized by LOLA, a “lifelong brand for a woman’s body,” and Period Equity, a law and policy organization fighting for menstrual equity.

“Our collective action is a first step in initiating lawsuits against the 33 states that don’t consider tampons and pads necessities,” the event description reads. At the event, organizers would like protesters to submit a sales tax reimbursement claim to Louisiana’s department of revenue, noting the sales tax on period product receipts as unconstitutional.

The Tampon Tax Protest will take place on Tulane’s campus at Newcomb Place between the Commons and Dixon Hall from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Organizers are asking people who want to participate in the protest to:

  1. Bring a tampon or pad receipt (or get one onsite).
  2. Fill out a “Claim for Refund” contesting the sales tax on the receipt (organizers will include the address to the Louisiana Department of Revenue and a pre-stamped envelope).
  3. Rally the community with a photo from the protest installation.

Michelle Erenberg, executive director of proponent Lift Louisiana, has reportedly worked with State Senator JP Morrell to eliminate tampon and diaper taxes in Louisiana.

“These items are necessities and shouldn’t be taxed,” Erenberg said in a statement to the press. “In the 2019 regular legislative session, there was a lot of bipartisan support to pass a bill exempting diapers and feminine products from sales and use tax. We are hopeful that it will pass in 2020.”

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