Original New Orleans Lady & Men Buckjumpers second-line on Sunday

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The Junior Buckjumpers dance through the streets of Central City in 2011. (Sabree Hill, UptownMessenger.com)

The Original New Orleans Lady & Men Buckjumpers second-line, one of the season’s most popular, is happening this Sunday.

The social aid and pleasure clubs’ members will line up at 11:30 a.m. at Verret’s Lounge, 1738 Washington Ave., and the parade will begin at noon.

It will travel the Central City, Milan, Broadmoor, Gert Town, Marlyville and Fontainbleu neighborhoods.  The parade will disband at 5 p.m.

Parking enforcement personnel will be monitoring the area. Call 504-658-8100 to report illegal parking.

Traffic will be restricted in all affected neighborhoods along the route below. Expect road closures and traffic delays during the event.

RTA services might be interrupted during this event as well. See details on any route changes at norta.com.


START – Verret’s Lounge – 1738 Washington Ave.
Head down Washington Ave to LaSalle St, turn left on LaSalle St. Proceed to 4th St
STOP – A.L. Davis Park (Men of Class) at 2600 LaSalle St.
Head back down LaSalle St. to Washington Ave, turn left on Washington Ave and proceed to Magnolia St.
STOP to toast Ms. LBJ 2019 at the corner of Magnolia St and Washington Ave.
Continue out Washington Ave to S. Claiborne Ave., turn left on S. Claiborne Ave. and proceed to Louisiana Ave., turn left half a block down Louisiana Ave.
STOP– 2916 Louisiana Ave. (Big Man’s Lounge).
Back out Louisiana Ave to S. Claiborne Ave turn right, proceed to Washington Ave., turn left on Washington Ave. and proceed to S. Rocheblave St.
STOP– 2800 S. Rocheblave St (Tapp’s Lounge).
Back out Washington to the left.
STOP– 3933 Washington Ave. (Rhodes Funeral Home).
Continue down Washington Ave toward Earhart Blvd, turn left on Earhart Blvd to Broadway St., turn left on Broadway.
STOP– 3005 Broadway St. (Broadway Bar).
Out Broadway St. to Fig St turn right, down Fig St. to Pine St., turn right.
Proceed up Pine St. back to Earhart Blvd., turn left.
Down Earhart Blvd to Fern St and Earhart Blvd.
Lady Buckjumpers will DISBAND at 7901 Earhart Blvd (Divas & Dudes Salon).
Men Buckjumpers will continue down Earhart Blvd. to Leonidas St, turn left and proceed to Apple St., turn right and proceed to Monroe St.
Men Buckjumpers DISBAND 8639 Apple St (E&C Lounge).

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