Sponsored Message: Carling Dinkler’s Plan for Public Safety

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When I talk to voters in District 91, public safety is always a top concern. I believe there are policies and investments we can make to strengthen the safety of our families and our neighborhoods.

First, I lost my mom to mental illness and substance abuse. It shook me, and I pledge to work so that no one loses a family member this way. Currently, our jails serve as de facto mental health institutions, creating a cycle of crime and mental health struggles. We can and should give mental health professionals more resources in New Orleans and build on successful programs like the Vera Institute’s collaboration with the NOPD’s 8th District, where people at risk for arrest due to mental illness get connected with treatment professionals instead of law enforcement.

Second, I have been very clear that creating high paying jobs in New Orleans is an imminent need. There is an unacceptably high rate of poverty in District 91. Creating upward economic mobility is an opportunity to reduce crime. This is why summer job programs are important, and this is why we need to diversify our economy.

Lastly, gun violence takes an immense physical, emotional, and financial toll on everyone it touches. I have personally been affected by gun violence, and now that I have a daughter, gun violence prevention is top of mind. I will actively pursue and support robust public funding for localized violence intervention programs, and work on commonsense gun control reforms in the Legislature.

Like infrastructure and education, there is no simple solution to reducing crime, but I remain optimistic. It will take leadership, funding and innovative policies to reduce crime and ensure safer neighborhoods across our city. I am ready to get to work in Baton Rouge as your next State Representative for District 91.

Carling Dinkler
Candidate for State Representative of District 91

Early Voting is Open Through Saturday

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