Video: Meet the House District 98 candidates


The Carrollton Area Network held its second candidate forum for the upcoming state House elections on Monday, this one for the District 98 candidates: Max Hayden Chiz, Kea Sherman, Marion “Penny” Freistadt, Carlos Zervigon, Ravi Sangisetty, Aimee Adatto Freeman and Evan Bergeron. The seven candidates are vying for the seat that will be vacated by the term-limited Rep. Neil Abramson.

You can watch the two-hour forum in the video above. If you want to go directly to the issues that interest you most, the questions are listed below, along with where you’ll find them in the video.

      • 9:22 Introductions and the first bill you will pass
      • 19:20 As a Democrat, how will you be effective in a Republican-controlled legislature?
      • 29:35 How will you build on the expansion of Medicaid?
      • 38:50 How can the legislature improve women’s health outcomes?
      • 47:50 How would you make charter schools more accountable to the public?
      • 57:50 What is the best way to improve public education?
      • 1:08:45 How can lawmakers better protect the civil rights of all citizens?
      • 1:19:48 How can Louisiana advance criminal justice reform?
      • 1:28:20 Can property taxes be assessed more fairly?
      • 1:37:05 What will you do to protect neighborhoods from trains loaded with dangerous chemicals?
      • 1:46:00 Lightning round: the mayor’s “fair share” plan, the death penalty, solitary confinement, $15 minimum wage, legalizing recreational marijuana, raising the gas tax, the fetal heartbeat bill, Constitutional convention.
      • 1:47:30 How can Louisiana improve economic development?
      • 1:56:55 Closing statements.


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