A Sponsored Message from House Candidate Carling Dinkler

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I’m ready to help improve
infrastructure and drainage.

Every day I walk throughout District 91, our neighbors remind me of the need to improve our infrastructure and drainage.

Given our geography and the decades of neglect, our infrastructure problems are going to take time and relentless effort to fix. I have the experience working in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures across the country to develop and pass legislation to address community challenges.

As our next State Representative, I will go to Baton Rouge and be a tireless advocate for our city to receive the funding it needs and deserves to continue improving drainage, pumping, and street repair. We need to focus on long-term solutions, not band-aids. When a street is repaired, we should make every effort to ensure that everything under the street is repaired as well. However, I also recognize that the management of road and drainage repair is really the responsibility of city leaders. My efforts will be focused on providing funding and supportive policies.

We need to encourage businesses and homeowners to build smartly and encourage green retro-fits. That is why I will introduce legislation that will provide incentives to homeowners and businesses who install gutters, purchase rain barrels, replace concrete in front of homes with permeable material, and more.

I am proud to be the only candidate in this race to have outlined a strategy to make progress on infrastructure and drainage. Here is my plan:

  1. Long-term solutions, not band-aids
  2. Fight so New Orleans gets the money it deserves
  3. Provide financial incentives to homeowners and businesses who make green improvements
  4. Champion policies to help our community live with water
  5. Strengthen the Sewerage and Water Board and hold it accountable

You can view the details of my plan at votecarlingdinkler.com/streets.

Carling Dinkler
Candidate for State Representative of District 91

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