A Sponsored Message from Carling Dinkler: Making Early Childhood Education a Priority

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In a state that claims to be pro-family, Louisiana has serious work to do to support families and our children, which is why I testified before the Legislature last year on paid family leave.  According to United Way, half of families with children are under the poverty level. This is unacceptable.

As a dad to a two-year-old daughter, I understand how important it is to build a solid foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.  We have to invest in her generation at a young age: it is the single most important investment we can make. That is why early childhood education will be a priority for me in the State Legislature.

Investment in the Child Care Assistance Program would provide financial support to low-income families for childcare. In Louisiana, we only cover 25% of childcare cost when the rest of the nation and even Mississippi covers 75%. We can do so much better.

We also must fully fund and implement the “LA B to 3” plan published by the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission. This plan offers a roadmap to provide high quality early childhood education for children birth to three years old.

Early Childhood Education is a no brainer. Many families in Louisiana struggle to cover child care expenses. As a result, our children are not prepared to enter school, and working parents lack a stable support system that allows them to focus on being the best providers possible. We have to prepare our kids to succeed, and give working parents greater stability in the workforce. We can’t afford not to.

Supporting Louisiana families will require bold ideas, leadership and experience building a coalition and writing legislation to get it done. I am ready to serve as a champion for these issues.

Carling Dinkler
Candidate for State Representative of District 91

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