A Message from Ethan Ashley: Orleans Parish School Board Member, Candidate for State Legislature Offers Vision for District 97

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As a proud man of faith, local elected leader, homeowner, non-profit director, husband-to-be, and parent, I humbly request the honor of using my decade of experience serving our community to represent District 97 in the Louisiana State House of Representatives.

It has been my great privilege to represent District 2 on the Orleans Parish School Board, serving students, parents, teachers, and school leaders in our city. And while we have accomplished great things for our students and families since I have been elected, there is much more work to be done to ensure that our children and families are able to thrive. We must tackle the systemic and solvable intersecting issues involving healthcare, poverty, workforce, education, housing, and criminal justice. I am committed to addressing these issues to improve the lives of everyone in District 97.

It starts with aligning our state policies and budget to invest in our people and community. We know that our neighbors deserve fair and equal pay for their hard work; more job opportunities that offer a livable wage; reduction in cost of living; affordable and sustainable housing options; access to healthcare and healthy fresh foods; expanded opportunities to workforce and job training programs that are linked to job placement; a progressive tax structure; a safer community; an end to our money bail system; free or subsidized early childhood education; higher education for residents looking to start a new career; high-functioning pumping and drainage systems; and expanded access to free or cheap capital for small businesses.

To grow our community, we must grow the opportunities for our neighbors by reforming our systems and offering social supports and policies that will place them on the path to both grow and thrive. I am committed to building this pathway to a thriving community with each of you.

As I offer myself for this new elected role, I look forward to hearing from each of you about the strategic policies that I will need to voice and bring light to that will help grow opportunities for residents in District 97, New Orleans, and Louisiana. On October 12th, I hope you join my family and me at the polls to support my candidacy for State Representative for District 97.

To learn more about my vision for District 97 and ways to support the campaign, I invite you to visit my campaign website at www.electethanashley.com.

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