Voters approve overhaul of city’s parks and recreation agencies

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An underwhelming number of voters Saturday overwhelmingly decided to allow the city to reallocate the property tax money going to parks and recreation.

The parks and rec measure passed with the support of 76% of the voters who showed up for a single-issue election; by the time polls closed, 18,308 city residents had pressed the “yes” button. In its initial, unofficial estimate, the Secretary of State’s Office puts the turnout at 9.4% of registered New Orleans voters.

The more than $20 million in property taxes used to fund parks and recreation will be split among City Park, the Audubon Commission, the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission, and Parks and Parkways. Notably, the change will provide City Park with city funding for the first time in its 169-year history.

The city will also unify the oversight for the city’s park and recreation assets under the cooperative plan.

In the funding plan that will be in effect for 20 years, here’s how the 6.31 millage will be divided:

infographic by India Yarborough, Loyola Student News Service

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