Sample ballot for Saturday’s election

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Voters study the ballot choices in 2016 outside the fire station polling place on Magazine Street in the Irish Channel. (Robert Morris,

Saturday, May 4

Municipal General Election
Sample Ballot

Voters will select “yes” or “no” to the following:

PW Parks and Recreation – 6.31 Mills (In Lieu) – CC – 20 Yrs.

In lieu of 3.00 mills currently levied for Parkway and Parks Commission and New Orleans Recreation Department and 0.32 mills and 2.99 mills levied for Audubon Commission (“Prior Taxes”), shall the City be authorized to levy a special tax of 6.31 mills (“Tax”) for twenty years, January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2040 (estimated at $22,150,000 in the first year) with proceeds dedicated first to payment of debt service obligations secured by the Prior Taxes then to improving park safety and accessibility, capturing stormwater to reduce flooding, repairing and upgrading playgrounds and recreation centers, conserving natural areas, and constructing, improving, maintaining, and operating parks, recreational, and wildlife conservation facilities in the City, except that a portion of collections shall be remitted to certain state and statewide retirement systems as required by law, allocated pro-rata as follows: 1.95 mills to New Orleans Recreation Development Commission; 1.80 mills to New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways; 0.61 mills to City Park Improvement Association; and 1.95 mills to Audubon Commission, supplemental to and not in lieu of City general fund appropriations budgeted for 2020, subject to requirements provided by Ordinance Calendar Number 32,501 and with expenditures subject to public disclosure through annual audits?

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