Photos: Warmer weather brings out cold treats as snowball season begins

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Paul Broussard fixes a strawberry and ice-cream snowball with sprinkles. The  opened for the season on Friday. (Zach Brien,

On Friday, Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, a local summer staple, opened for the first time in 2019. The snowball stand, established in 1939, uses homemade flavors. Its snowcones are made with their own ice machine, the Sno-Bliz, invented by one of the founders, Ernest Hansen.

Dustin Gagliano shows off his cup of ice cream with condensed milk snowball outside Hansen’s. (Zach Brien,

Wiley Thomas prepares ice using Hansen’s patented Sno-Bliz machine. (Zach Brien,

Hansen’s had two daily specials on opening day. (Zach Brien,

Customers circle the inside of Hansen’s to place their orders. (Zach Brien,

Customers line up outside of the iconic Hansen’s Sno-Blitz on Bourdeaux and Tchoupitoulas streets.  (Zach Brien,

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