Photos: Let ’em come! Mardi Gras Indians take to the streets

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Newly married Big Chief Monk Boudreaux rides in a golf cart with his new wife, Queen Chellene Bailey on Mardi Gras. (Zach Brien,

The Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians took to the streets of Uptown on Tuesday, showing off their new hand-made suits. This year was different for their Big Chief, Monk Boudreaux. Before they marched, Boudreaux married the Big Queen of the Golden Eagles, Chellene Bailey.

Big Chief Monk Boudreaux enters the Sportsman’s Corner bar on Second and Dryades streets, a stopping point for many Indians on Mardi Gras Day. (Zach Brien,

Spy Boy JJ of the Golden Eagles shows of his new suit. (Zach Brien,

Drummer Joe Gelini keeps time for the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians. (Zach Brien,

Spy Boy J’Wan Boudreaux chants on Washington Avenue. (Zach Brien,

Spy Boy J’wan Boudreaux, left, and Spy Boy Floyd lead the Golden Eagles down Washington Avenue. (Zach Brien,

Spy Boy Floyd clears a path for the Golden Eagles down LaSalle Street. (Zach Brien,

Golden Eagles’ Queen Chellene Bailey beats her tambourine down Valence Street. (Zach Brien,

Second Chief Joseph of the Golden Eagles shows off his suit on Mardi Gras. (Zach Brien,

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