Photos: Feathers and Tambourines converge on Central City

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The Algiers Warriors march down LaSalle Street during Super Sunday on March 17. (Zach Brien,


Mardi Gras Indian tribes and social aid and pleasure clubs converged on A.L. Davis Park for the annual Uptown Super Sunday event on Sunday, March 17. The Young Pinstripe and Hot 8 brass bands provided music.

Gang Flag Ghost of the Black Mohawks marches down LaSalle. (Zach Brien,

The band with the Golden Blades plays outside of the Purple Rain bar on Washington avenue heading down to LaSalle. (Zach Brien,

A band keeps time for the Golden Blades tribe. (Zach Brien,

Spy Boy Alphonse Feliciana marches down LaSalle Street with the Golden Blades. (Zach Brien,

Karen Johnson dances to the Hot 8 Brass Band in A.L. Davis Park during Super Sunday on March 17. (Zach Brien,

A Lady Buckjumper dances to the Young Pinstripe Brass Band. (Zach Brien,

The Furious Five Social Aid and Pleasure Club dances  into A.L. Davis Park. (Zach Brien,

Big A.L. with the Hot 8 Brass Band plays with the Furious Five. (Zach Brien,

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