Photos: Bacchus parade takes a star turn

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The “Interview with a Vampire” float, depicting the 1993 film adaptation of the Ann Rice novel, rolls down St. Charles Avenue on Sunday. (Zach Brien,

Bacchus rolled on Sunday with the theme “Starring Louisiana.” The themed floats depicted movies or TV shows that took place or were filmed in Louisiana. These included “NCIS,” “King Creole,” “JFK,” “Interview with a Vampire” and more. The rain had passed through the area by the times the bands started up, so the parade could showcase local marching bands in all their glory.

Jenna Fritscher lifts up Jeri Lynn, 3, to get a plush toy during her first Mardi Gras. (Zach Brien,

Mary Williams, left, dances with Rouge, center, while Taylor Williams, looks on during the Bacchus parade. (Zach Brien,

After heavy rains, people use beads to make their ladders accessible through the mud on St. Charles Avenue. (Zach Brien,

All hail actor Jensen Ackles, Bacchus LI, as he throws beads to the crowd. (Zach Brien,

Bacchus attracts the top bands to its parade, with a chance to prove their mettle in the preparade Battle of the Bands. (Zach Brien,

Officers of Bacchus look at the crowd along St. Charles Avenue on Sunday. (Zach Brien,

The title float “Starring Louisiana” rolls down St. Charles Avenue. (Zach Brien,

The Talladega Marching Band marches down St. Charles on Sunday. (Zach Brien,

New Orleans Saints’ kicker Will Lutz exercises his throwing arm from the “Bacchus Chariot” float. (Zach Brien,

The “Pelican Brief” float, depicting the 1993 crime drama, rolls down St. Charles Avenue. (Zach Brien,

The signature Bacchagator  introduced the tandem float to Carnival krewes. (Zach Brien,

Sophie B. Wright marching band crosses Jackson Avenue. (Zach Brien,


A rider on the “King Creole” float, depicting Elvis Presley’s 1958 film, looks at the crowd on St. Charles Avenue. (Zach Brien,

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