Advertiser: Please Vote Yes for Continued Security in Touro Bouligny Neighborhood

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Please Vote Yes on December 8th for continued security in the Touro Bouligny Neighborhood.

Did you know that the Touro Bouligny neighborhood was recently quoted as being the safest, with one factor being our Security Patrol? This safety record improves your property value and makes our area more desirable for all.

Why vote?

  • 24/7 patrol for all Touro Bouligny residents
  • Additional patrols during holidays
  • House checks when requested
  • Out-of-town mail/newspaper collection
  • Escort to ensure a safe departure and return
  • Promote neighborhood safety & security initiatives
  • New security camera program
  • Pedestrian crosswalk signs on Magazine & Prytania Streets
  • Call Metro Security 24/7 at 504-835-5421

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