This Week at The Broad: Who runs the world?

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This week is devoted to a certain segment of our audience base that we love dearly. This week is for the ladies. We’ve got two new movies this weekend about women who refuse to lay down and accept the status quo. Whether it’s a mom trying to save her family or a judge trying to save the Constitution, you will find some great inspiration in our picks this week.

RBG is about the Supreme Court justice who is notorious for all the right reasons. We may all be aware of the power she wields with great responsibility on the court, but this movie tells us how she got there with great respect and honesty.

Like many of you, when we saw the trailer for this film a couple of months ago we knew that we had to play this film and share this story. Now is your chance to be inspired, and we hope you spread the word.

BREAKING IN is something we all love but sometimes are ashamed to admit it: a good ole fashioned B movie. You may think this is a backhanded compliment, but some of the most enjoyable times you can have at a theater is enjoying a good popcorn B flick, and BREAKING IN has that and more. It’s the story about a mother separated from her children by thieves and has to break in to a high-security fortress to get them back. What is a mother capable of doing in order to save her children? You’ll find out if you stop by The Broad this weekend.

TULLY and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR stay in the lineup this weekend, and if you haven’t seen the former yet, we think that it would pair well with either of our two new releases as a double feature. TULLY, the newest film from the award-winning pair of writer Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman, is about the reality of motherhood and is told with impeccable wit and grace. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch it on the big screen.

Thanks again for reading, and we’ll see you at the movies!

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