New Orleans attorneys to help U.S. Veterans create wills pro bono

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The New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are hosting a free legal fair on Saturday, November 11. The fair will include the FBA’s Wills for Veterans National Outreach Program that chapters across the country will participate in as a way to honor Veterans Day.


According to the New Orleans Chapter, Wills for Veterans is a new initiative of the Federal Bar Association that commenced at the national level in February of this year. This pro bono program inspires volunteering attorneys from FBA chapters across the country to meet with veterans and work with them to draft and sign wills. Volunteer attorneys, paralegals, and notaries will perform the services, and volunteer witnesses will donate their time.

The fair will take place at the VFW Hall, 531 Lyons St., from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. All veterans are welcome to attend and meet with volunteer lawyers who will provide free notarial services and basic legal assistance for wills and powers of attorney. There will also be someone on hand to answer veterans’ questions regarding VA disability claims and claims denials.

To avoid any type of malpractice liability, the chapter will ensure that all attorneys have an active
malpractice policy and that the wills are limited to basic estate planning (no trusts, etc.) If a client
needs more specialized services, the chapter will provide a list of local practicing estate attorneys
who were available at a reduced rate.

All those interested in accessing these services are encouraged to contact the New Orleans Chapter of the FBA in advance at 504-589-7990 or email Walk-ins are welcome.

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