Man shot after trying to break into vehicle on Annunciation Street, police say

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(image via NOPD)

(image via NOPD)

An alleged auto burglar got into a confrontation with an Annunciation Street resident on Saturday night that ended with the burglar being shot, New Orleans police said.

A man later identified as Jordan Lowe was seen breaking into a vehicle in the 5500 block of Annunciation (near Octavia Street) around 10:45 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, according to the initial NOPD report. The owner of the vehicle, a 52-year-old man, came outside to stop Lowe, but Lowe “armed himself with a large stick” and hit the resident several times with it, the report states.

The vehicle’s owner then went back into his home, but Lowe followed him, so the resident drew a gun and shot him twice, the report states. Lowe was taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition afterward, the report states.

The report does not specify what charges have been or will be filed in the case.

6 thoughts on “Man shot after trying to break into vehicle on Annunciation Street, police say

  1. The scumbag is lucky he didnt die. Good for the homeowner. Since the scumbag hit him and followed him into his house I dont think the homeowner will have any trouble form the lawyer the scumbag will eventually hire to claim that his scumbag client was the victim.

  2. the lady whose house it all happened in front of said that both the “burglar” and the victim live in the same block. the perp was coming home drunk from the corner bar with his pool stick and was beating on a car and being drunk. the homeowner came out and tried to stop him and was beaten with the pool stick so he got his gun and shot the pool stick wielding drunk. not a burglary. drunk with pool stick destroying a car. doesn’t make a nice reactionary headline though, does it?

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