Prytania Street closure between Milan and Marengo to continue for eight more weeks

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The block of Prytania Street between Milan and Marengo that closed in March for underground repairs will remain inaccessible to all vehicular traffic for another eight weeks while Entergy relocates gas lines there, New Orleans officials announced.

Drivers will be detoured around the 4100 block of Prytania, and residents will not be able to park or access driveways there while the work continues, the city said.

For more details, see the full news release below:

Today, the City of New Orleans issued a traffic advisory for the remaining road closure of Prytania Street between Milan Street and Marengo Street to install a new water line as part of the FEMA-funded Recovery Roads Program designed to restore sub-surface utilities and roadway damages related to Hurricane Katrina.

Construction began in March 2015 but was delayed to allow Entergy to relocate nearby gas lines.

Beginning Monday, June 1, 2015, at 7:00 a.m., the 4100 block of Prytania Street between Milan Street and Marengo Street will be closed to vehicular access for approximately eight weeks. The road closure will allow workers to excavate a portion of the roadway, replace damaged or leaking water lines and drain lines, place fill material beneath the roadway, and repave the roadway.

During construction there will be no access to driveways and on-street parking will be prohibited. Community members have been informed of the construction work.

Construction crews will be working from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Work on Saturdays may occur when necessary.

Residents should exercise caution when driving, bicycling, or walking near active construction sites.

6 thoughts on “Prytania Street closure between Milan and Marengo to continue for eight more weeks

  1. Wow. I used to live on that block. Glad I don’t anymore. what a mess. six weeks is one thing…but then to come back and more than double it?! insane. Not to mention that’s taking one more major thoroughfare out of commission uptown

  2. I live on this block and it’s already been 10 weeks… I’ve seen workers out there MAYBE 4 times. No one out there yesterday or today since announcing 8 more weeks of work with a schedule of “7:30am -5:30 pm”.

  3. I agree Katy. If they are going to have this preplanned operation, why not hit it and quit it? Why linger on doing nothing for weeks? Is there some damaged custom part we just discovered damaged and are now waiting on its replacement, or is this just poor scheduling?

    • I’m going to have to bet on poor scheduling. I don’t have a car (i have a scooter), so I’m not even really inconvenienced as others who can’t park on the street or in their driveways. It’s just terrible planning and execution for ONE BLOCK to take 18 weeks or MORE to be completed.

      • Actually I think they do a far better job than most give them credit for. I’m betting they dug their hole and had a surprise down there. Now weeks delay waiting on some custom special valve or adaptor or whatever. I’ll ask my friend that knows these sorts of things and get back with you.

  4. We are now in week 18 and I’m curious if they have announced another extension. It doesn’t look like they are even half way done with one side of the street…

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