New Orleans officials: Proclamation commending Operation Save America was “issued in error”

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An image of the official proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to New Orleans was circulated among the group's members online. (via

An image of the official proclamation welcoming Operation Save America to New Orleans was circulated among the group’s members online. (via

A proclamation from Mayor Mitch Landrieu commending Operation Save America for its service to New Orleans was issued this past weekend “in error,” city officials said Tuesday afternoon following reports that the group interrupted an Uptown church service on Sunday.

Members of Operation Save America — which is protesting abortion at numerous sites around New Orleans this week — had initially touted the July 20 proclamation from Landrieu’s office, which recognizes the group for “outstanding service to the city of New Orleans.” Responding to questions about the certificate on Monday, Landrieu’s office initially described it as “routine.”

Meanwhile, members of Operation Save America staged a protest inside the First Unitarian Universalist Church on South Claiborne Avenue on Sunday, interrupting a memorial to a church member who recently died and denouncing the denomination, later referring to it as a “synagogue of Satan.” On Monday, a petition was created at demanding that Landrieu rescind his welcome to the group.

On Tuesday afternoon, as news of the group’s activities spread, Landrieu’s office issued a second statement, saying that the proclamation was issued by mistake.

“It is customary for the City to provide standard proclamations to visiting groups that request them through the City’s web site,” said the second statement by Landrieu spokesman Tyler Gamble. “To be clear, the City does not endorse extreme or violent tactics, and this proclamation was issued in error. Any group can exercise their constitutional rights, but all of us have a responsibility to do so in a respectful manner. During these events, the NOPD is executing a robust security plan to keep the peace.”

20 thoughts on “New Orleans officials: Proclamation commending Operation Save America was “issued in error”

  1. How do you even stage a protest INSIDE A CHURCH (presumably private property) without getting kicked out or arrested for trespassing? These people are terrible.

  2. NOPD’s “robust security plan” failed this weekend. Our amazing neighborhoods were subjected to aggressive, confrontational protesters on their lawns and sidewalks and the people of the UU Church were subjected to this group’s hatred first-hand as they attempted to worship. Today, they were parading through Jackson Square, disrupting our tourism industry– our visitors should not have to see that either.
    These are not peaceful demonstrations, our community should not have to deal with this.

  3. Backpedal! Backpedal! A lovely illustration of machine that is City Hall. I think the last swingers convention got a certificate, too.

  4. Way to C.Y.A. there Mr. Mayor. Maybe you shouldn’t just be rubber stamping these “standard proclamations” and should be more mindful of who what your signature goes on.

  5. Christians, Baptists, UU, whatever. All ignorant and all need to reduce the damage that they do to their immediate family members only.

      • The hippies and non monotheists in UU hang out with the same people that base their religion on a book that says raping Women is cool as long as you marry them and give their father some cash. They are ignorant to the actual words of the religious texts that the people in UU believe in. If you found out someone was cool with rape, you’d probably stay away from them.

      • There is nothing welcoming about Christianity. You can’t call a monkey a man just because he’s wearing a suit. Do you even know the full story of Lot? And you want kids to read about forced gang rape and drunken incest?

    • Your anecdotal evidence – if you have any – is only anecdotal. If your mind was more open you’d realize the ignorance of painting with such a broad brush.

    • Also Baptists are Christians while the UU church is not in anyway a Christian church. (Dispite what Ken Hamm thinks) We are a non-doctrinal faith with no stance on God or the afterlife. We radically reach out into the world to support oir fellow man with no regard to religious affiliation.

  6. Well, I for one can’t wait for Mitch to ditch this city and run for governor. He’s clearly got the necessary experience in manipulating both sides of thorny issues without showing any principle.

  7. I guess the city officials saw how the mayor’s proclamation might affect their bottom line. As for the mayor…let him go!

  8. because Peter, some churches are filled with nice people who in contrast respect others and wanted them out quietly, maybe even without offending the protestors beliefs even though….the protestors were evil in their context toward this church

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