Former vocational school to become Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center

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The Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center will be at 3900 General Taylor Street. (image via Google maps)

The Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center will be at 3900 General Taylor Street. (June 2011 image via Google maps)

In what advocates are calling a continuation of the revitalization of major neighborhood landmarks, a long-shuttered vocational school just off Broad and Napoleon is slated for transformation into the Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center.

The center is planned for the the former St. Matthias School, now part of the campus of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church at 3900 General Taylor Street.

“The Broadmoor Arts and Wellness Center will be an incubator of artistic collaboration, education and practice, with art classes and studios available to the general public,” said architect Tim Lupin of Mathes Brierre architects on Tuesday in a brief hearing before the City Planning Commission. “Additionally, the center will promote physical and emotional well-being as it houses counseling and family support activities, along with dance and fitness activities in the community setting.

The center will be housed on the second floor of the building, Lupin said.

“The former classrooms on the second floor of the building will house teaching and working studios, a dance, yoga and fitness studio, offices for Broadmoor neighborhood social worker, along with common and community spaces to promote neighborhood interaction and community,” Lupin concluded.

The structure has been vacant since before Hurricane Katrina, and the Broadmoor Improvement Association and Blessed Trinity have been raising money for the renovation for years. The renovation plan, Lupin noted, continues a pattern of redevelopment in Broadmoor that have created a network of new public spaces.

“This network began with the renovation of the Andrew Wilson school and the city’s renovation of the Keller library with the attached community center, along with the development of the community health clinic at Washington and Broad,” Lupin said.

The meeting included two other Uptown items, a request to modify the operating agreement for Dat Dog on Magazine and a request to allow the Oak Lofts condominium complex on Oak Street. Both requests were granted. To read our live coverage of the meeting, see below.

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  1. We just paid for a 4 million dollar renovation of a helath clinic two blocks away, the library has community centers across the street, there were three other community buildigns renovated at the cost of 10 million to inprove the plight of the at risk residents, how much government intervention can these people stand or the public afford?

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