Panel at Tulane to ask, Is there really a “new” New Orleans?

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the big issueHas post-Katrina rebuilding really created a new city out of New Orleans, or is the “boom” more of an artificial economic bubble that is bound to burst? This question will drive the next installment of Tulane Hillel’s occasional series of “The Big Issue” discussions, set for Thursday evening with the title “New Orleans 2.0: Fact or Fiction?”

For details, see the news release below:

New Orleans 2.0: Fact or Fiction?

Panelists to Discuss Economic Growth and Sustainability

Tulane Hillel Hosts Fifth Installment of “The Big Issue” Debate, A New Series Designed to Give All Sides an Equal Voice

Since 2005, New Orleans has come to represent a true 21st Century example of how an American city can face extreme challenge, survive and then emerge leaner, stronger and better. Or … has it?

In this next session of The Big Issue, we tackle this question head on. Is New Orleans a truly transformed city, represented by real, positive change? Is it a template of success and regeneration for the rest of the country? Or … is it experiencing post-crisis boom and bust?

We ask this question with a real sense of purpose: If New Orleans has truly transformed, what are the lessons? Can the city act as a model of excellence and reach out to other American and global cities that have faced crisis? In a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world, New Orleans may just be the model of the future.

To explore this, we have assembled a stellar line-up of participants for a debate where we ask these challenging questions and seek to build a working consensus that we can all share and build upon.

Date: Thursday, April 3rd 2014, doors and bar at 7:00 PM, event at 7:30 PM

Where: The Mintz Center, 912 Broadway, New Orleans 70118

Topic: New Orleans 2.0: Fact or Fiction?

Greg LaRose: Editor, New Orleans City Business


Andrea Chen: Co-Founder and Executive Director, Propeller

Rodrick Miller: President and CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance

Gregory Rusovich: CEO, Transoceanic Trading and Development Company

Gordon Russell: Managing Editor, Investigations, The New Orleans Advocate

Jeff Schwartz: Executive Director, Broad Community Connections

Twitter: @the_big_issue

Refreshments: There will be a cash bar serving beer and wine

One thought on “Panel at Tulane to ask, Is there really a “new” New Orleans?

  1. Until we loosen the shackles of our State Government (that would be a start)t, we may never experience a true renaissance.

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