Letter to the editor: NOLA needs Planned Parenthood

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By Tobias Arturi

In a state in which abstinence-only sex education is the norm, and locally accessible reproductive health services are scarce, and often demonized, Planned Parenthood has always remained a stalwart voice for the practice of safe sex and a resource for those who need real answers about sex other than “Don’t Have It”.

I personally have benefitted from Planned Parenthood’s health services, receiving free STD testing, free contraception, and an overall safe and positive environment.

Recently, Planned Parenthood has seen much scrutiny and vitriol from vocal critics such as NOLA Needs Peace, or the Louisiana Archdiocese, which has even threatened to blacklist any companies aiding Planned Parenthood in the construction of its new facility uptown. What New Orleans truly needs is advocacy and realistic goals about keeping its citizens, especially teens and young adults, safe and healthy. This means affordable access to all reproductive health services including birth control, cancer screenings, and abortions.

NOLA Needs Peace would have you believe that Planned Parenthood is a for-profit organization engaged in “selling” abortions as its primary function. In reality, abortion services in the 2012-2013 annual report only comprised 3% of the medical services performed by Planned Parenthood. This shows a clear emphasis on safe sex and contraception, both of which are intended to prevent accidental pregnancy, and represent 75% of the organization’s medical activity. If Planned Parenthood is only interested in encouraging abortion for their financial gain, wouldn’t they have a better business plan?

I support Planned Parenthood because I firmly believe that their place and influence in New Orleans does not signify more abortions, but fewer. It means access to education, counseling, and the opportunity for all women regardless of age or background to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health.

Tobias Arturi is a resident of New Orleans and a volunteer for Planned Parenthood.

9 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: NOLA needs Planned Parenthood

  1. Plenty of stats show access to birth control REDUCES the number of abortions, more effectively than pretty much any other strategy. Not to mention it reduces the number of STDs and unplanned pregnancies, which has always been Planned Parenthood’s actual rational and realistic goal.

  2. I totally agree. The crime problem in New Orleans is a direct result of babies having babies. These young mothers don’t have the skills to raise a child…And the only hope for those newborns are if the grandparents step up to the plate to raise the child.
    That does not often happen…So society pays a huge price as these children grow up, often turning to crime.

    Anything which can stop this cycle is a good idea IMO…And that includes Planned Parenthood,

  3. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States. It increases the number of abortions it provides every year- which goes against national trends. Planned Parenthood fights reasonable laws meant to protect young women because they would undermine their profits on abortions. Planned Parenthood willfully protects pimps, rapists and child abusers by refusing to report suspected abuse, and by opposing all parental-notification laws and they have been fined for doing so.

    • “Planned Parenthood fights reasonable laws meant to protect young women because they would undermine their profits on abortions.”

      R E A L L Y?

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