‘We Won’t Be Railroaded’ petition gains 1,000 signatures

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A new petition protesting a plan to reroute freight trains through Hollygrove has gained 1,000 signatures, according to a report in Mid-City Messenger. “We Won’t Be Railroaded,” the coalition of Hollygrove and Mid-City residents behind the petition, hopes to have 10,000 signatures by mid-Spring, according to the story.

The petition protests one option of the “New Orleans Rail Gateway Program,” which involves dismantling much of the freight rail traffic through Metairie and routing it east-west through the “Middle Belt,” which goes through Mid-City and Hollygrove. Tracks would be added past Hollygrove/Dixon and the “Carrollton Curve” beneath the Interstate Highway, then north via the UPT line along I-10 in Mid-City.

2 thoughts on “‘We Won’t Be Railroaded’ petition gains 1,000 signatures

  1. I get the NIMBY, rich-versus-poor neighborhood thing, but why does this line pass thru the center of a large residential area with
    multiple ground-level crossings, when it could follow existing tracks,
    adjacent to major highways, through primarily industrial areas, with few (ZERO new) ground-level crossings? It defies logic.

    Two key points: First, the number of people negatively affected is very small and even then, there are ALREADY tracks there, so it’s an incremental change. Second, this project benefits for ALL OF US in the city, not just the “rich Metry folks”.

    The Port of N.O. desperately needs to increase and streamline its capacity (see: Panama Canal widening). For example, whenever you see a train stopped on the I-10 overpass, it’s waiting to pass thru Old Metairie at a “pre-negotiated” time. This project would eliminate such costly delays.

    • Finish double-tracking the Back Belt through Old Metairie (only 2500′ is missing) and raise the tracks so underpasses at Metairie Road can run beneath. Problem solved on the cheap!

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