Letter to the editor: No ‘witch hunt’ in report on crime data


By Ed Quatrevaux

Although Katz and Columbus are entitled to their opinions, it is shoddy journalism to falsely attribute quotes. I refer to the first paragraph’s attribution to the OIG of “marking down crimes“. That phrase does not appear in the report or any statement by the OIG and was invented by the authors of the opinion.

The OIG’s report was issued following an inquiry into credible allegations received about conduct in the 8th District. As required by law, the OIG investigated the claim; which explains why the inquiry was focused on the 8th District. However, the OIG is also conducting an audit of NOPD Uniform Crime Report data, as reflected in our strategic report since last year (publicly available on our website, nolaoig.org).

I do appreciate the Messenger pointing out that the authors are currently employees of the Orleans Parish School Board, with which the OIG is in litigation. Witch hunt? It looks more like ignorance and bias to me.

Ed Quatrevaux is the Inspector General of the city of New Orleans.

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