ProjectNOLA receives grant for 40 anti-crime cameras in west Carrollton

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The anti-crime nonprofit Project NOLA received a $10,000 grant Wednesday from the Westway Group to expand its network of private surveillance cameras by 40 locations in the west-Carrollton neighborhood, New Orleans officials said.

For details, see the news release from City Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s office:

Project NOLA will receive a $10,000 grant from the Westway Group, LLC – a leading provider of bulk liquid storage for agricultural products, oils, and chemicals across the globe – to install 40 crime cameras in the Leonidas neighborhood of New Orleans. Once installed, these cameras will become part of Project NOLA’s growing citywide network of high-definition crime cameras, which is now the largest network of its kind in the United States.

Project NOLA’s cameras have assisted the New Orleans Police Department with dozens of criminal investigations since 2011. A ceremony will be held Wednesday, October 16th at 3:30pm at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, 8817 Hickory Street, at which the Westway Group will present a check to Project NOLA Administrator Bryan Lagarde.

District “A” Councilmember Guidry said, “I am delighted for the Leonidas area residents. As Chair of the Council’s Criminal Justice Committee, I have been a big supporter of Project NOLA’s work, and have assisted other communities in my district with obtaining crime cameras through Project NOLA. These forty cameras will drastically increase security in the vibrant Leonidas neighborhood. My sincerest thanks go out to the Westway Group for their generous donation and to Project NOLA for its commitment to public safety.”

“A 501(c)3 non-profit foundation created to help reduce crime by increasing police efficiency and citizen awareness, Project NOLA was developed to help New Orleans neighborhoods become a safer place to live, work and play,” according to Project NOLA. “Now managing America’s largest city-wide HD crime camera system, Project NOLA volunteers are dedicated to working cooperatively with local law enforcement and to increase public awareness of breaking crimes and dangerous situations.”

4 thoughts on “ProjectNOLA receives grant for 40 anti-crime cameras in west Carrollton

  1. Are we solving the crime problem with cameras or moving the crime problem to the surrounding neighborhoods? Surrounding neighborhoods better prepare….it’s gonna be a rough ride fellas!

    • Good point, but take it a step further.
      If only the most affluent can afford them, they only make the stratification and root causes of crime worse.

      That said- “eyes on the street” and good neighbors make great neighborhoods.
      CCTV can be extra eyes on the street for good neighbors and don’t require health benefits or a pension are a great ROI. Owell or not, “pictures speak a thousand words” and give the best quality of evidence needed to convict perps off the street.
      Now how do get them to the good folks who can’t afford and are needed most-

      I have an idea… Legislation is passed (may require amending State Constitution) that requires City funds be granted to neighborhood organizations for every day NOPD can’t muster 1200 officers to privately install CCTV on homes and businesses.
      Yes this may read stupid complicated, but notice all the solar panels around town? Lets do cameras!!!!
      And help those who can afford the least and have the most to loose.
      Best from Freret,
      Andy Brott
      p.s. I have more due diligence on the above, shout if it’s needed..

  2. If they put one on the corner of Leonidas and Plum st facing the white tri-plex on the river side, it will be money well spent.
    Ditto for the beer store on Oak.

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