Advertiser Bulletin: Summer News from Dat Dog

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Summer news from Dat Dog – we’ve been traveling the world with our dogs lately, so come on down to our Freret or Magazine Street locations and come along for the ride!

Last month was UK Festival in honor of the Queen’s birthday.  We did Guinness Dogs, bowler hats for staff, Pimm’s Cup – cheers, gov’nor. Then we did German Weekend with Alpine hats (beautiful!), bratwurst on pretzel poppy seed roll with German mustard and German beer. Wunderbar! Our new location on Magazine is kicking butt, so come and find us! Recently we were on Poppy Tooker’s Louisiana Eats, speaking lovingly about Freret Street.

Also on Freret, we’ve instituted the Jack Murray Memorial Chicago Cubs fan club for all Cubs games for the rest of the season on the TV.  Staff are required to be Cubs fans (as are you also), and all staff are required to wear Chicago Cubs caps. More importantly, we’re doing the best Chicago Dog in the world, serving Goose Isle beer, and we’ll be challenging Hot Doug’s to meet us in the middle of Freret to battle this out with poppy seed vs sourdough buns.

Lastly, in June we featured the College World Series with the fabulous Louisiana School of Agriculture as the team we cheer to bring home the boudin.  Speaking of boudin, we are now the fine purveyors of smoked boudin on a bun, grilled to perfection topped with crawfish étouffée (add cheddar cheese just for fun) with pico de gallo to finish.  It’s like Mexicajun cuisine.  Olé!

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