Jimmy’s Music Club may be on its way back to presenting live music

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The old signs for the Frat House at 8200 Willow Street have been replaced by a banner for Jimmy’s Music Club. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

When the New Orleans Alcoholic Beverage Control Board rejected a request by Jimmy’s Music Club last week, it may have seemed like the hand of The Man slapping down the former punk rock haven once again.

The reality, however, is that attorneys, city officials and even the club’s neighbors agree that Jimmy’s may be closer to reopening than it has in the last year.

Technically, club owner Jimmy Anselmo and his partners in Lucky Tab LLC were requesting on May 21 to appeal the denial of their application for a liquor license last year. Their argument — an unusual one — was that when liquor license applications are denied, they must be appealed to the city’s independent Alcohol Control Board. And because the basis for that denial was a moratorium preventing any new businesses from selling alcohol in the Carrollton area without permission of the New Orleans City Council, Anselmo was essentially asking the board to declare the City Council’s moratorium illegal.

The board — made of council appointees — was, unsurprisingly, having none of it. For months, commissioners have said for months that Jimmy’s had two options — appeal the moratorium to the council like other new Carrollton businesses have done, or file a lawsuit against the moratorium in Civil District Court.

“This board does not have the power to say that something the City Council did is illegal or unconstitutional,” said board member Jerry Speir, a Carrollton resident appointed by District A Councilwoman Susan Guidry. Keeping the Jimmy’s item before the alcohol board simply confuses the public, Speir said: “There is nothing to be gained in my opinion from keeping this on our docket.”

With that, the board members voted Jimmy’s off the docket and out of the room, without so much as a comment from Anselmo himself or the dozen or so supporters he brought with him.

Paula and the Pontiacs perform at a benefit to help reopen Jimmy’s Music Club on April 4, 2013. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

This time around, however, something was different. Prior to the hearing Anselmo, his partners and attorney Michael Tifft had spent about an hour outside the council chambers in private conference with city attorneys. Tifft said they were advising the Jimmy’s team to pursue a traditional appeal of the alcohol moratorium through the City Planning Commission and City Council.

“That was the first real breakthrough we got from City Hall,” Tifft said afterward. “I see it as a risky process, but they did indicate that the mayor’s office is committed to seeing us through the process.”

Another tentative “breakthrough” has been with the Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association (CRNA). Anselmo met personally with association members in February and several of its leaders reminisced about their own days at the original Jimmy’s Music Club. Their main concern is that Jimmy’s does not become a repeat of the Frat House bar; Anselmo leased the space to that club for about five years until it closed in 2012 following neighborhood complaints and charges of underage drinking.

“CRNA and the neighbors support Jimmy’s reopening — if it’s done right,” said Jill Stephens, an association member leading nearby residents in discussions with Jimmy’s about a good-neighbor agreement. “We just want the problems that existed at the Frat House to never happen again. Since the property is owned by the same person, we have no comfort that they wouldn’t happen again. The memory of that is still fresh.”

The negotiations thus far have centered on Jimmy’s responsibility for outside litter, noise from the bands and patrons’ conduct outside the bar. But one sticking point has emerged — whether to allow customers younger than 21 inside the bar to hear music. In order to book bands that draw an audience from the nearby universities, Jimmy’s needs to be able to admit customers age 18 and older, Tifft said. He said he met his future wife outside the original Jimmy’s — he was 18, she was 17 and she was left standing outside because she was too young to go in.

Neighbors say those youngest patrons tend to cause the most problems, however, so restricting the bar to people of legal drinking age will help the neighborhood get behind the club. (It’s unclear if the club could open as an all-ages venue, but Tifft says Anselmo doesn’t want to, anyway.)

“If we can close that gap, we’ll be very close to a solution,” Stephens said.

If Jimmy’s pursues an appeal, the City Planning Commission will weigh it first, and then it will go to the City Council. Guidry — the target of Jimmy’s supporters’ ire since proposing the moratorium — declined to say what she would do at that point, but signaled that the neighborhood’s support would be crucial. “If a developer or a business owner can work things out with the neighborhood, including the near neighbors, that always creates a more positive path to whatever the business is requesting,” Guidry said.

The City Council already has a pending ordinance, proposed by Council President Jackie Clarkson, to make all bars in the city 21-and-up — a proposal that has been docked in the criminal justice committee for months. Guidry said she actually doesn’t favor the blanket approach in Clarkson’s ordinance, but that individual circumstances must be considered — as in the case of Jimmy’s.

“Of course that’s something we’ll be looking at carefully,” Guidry said. “This same owner allowed a nuisance bar to operate at that location that these neighbors had to deal with from 2007 to 2012. A lot of the problem was underage drinking.”

If the City Council route ultimately fails, Jimmy’s still has one other option: sue over the legality of the moratorium. And that path was served by the alcohol board’s rejection, Tifft said — based on city code, the alcohol board had to rule before he could turn to the courts.

“On one hand, we lost at the ABO board,” Tifft said. “On the other hand, we’re free to sue if we want to.”

This article was first published in Gambit through our news-reporting partnership.

65 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Music Club may be on its way back to presenting live music

  1. “Guidry said she actually doesn’t favor the blanket approach in
    Clarkson’s ordinance, but that individual circumstances must be
    considered — as in the case of Jimmy’s.”

    This is why Louisiana has the HIGHEST CAR INSURANCE RATES.

    NOLA has silly lawyers who have no real life experience or for that matter business experience. Hence, the reason why NOLA has not businesses and a declining population for the last 50 years.

    And then to have the son of a mayor, or even a mayor himself arrested for drunk driving? Is it anyone wonder why NOLA is clueless and penniless.

  2. “But one sticking point has emerged — whether to allow customers younger than 21 inside the bar to hear music.”

    In other states they don’t have alcohol and under 21 in the same room or table. But in city that needs bumper sticker that say “Proud to call New Orleans home”, it probably can’t figure out that “Drive-Thru” daiquiris is like saying “I didn’t inhale”.

    (Oh, but the flat ban on under 21 drinking shouldn’t have exceptions? Like “I didn’t inhale” is an exception and should be believed whole hardheartedly? Or maybe storing $100K in a freezer is an exception and should be believed as a safe way to secure money?)

    And by the way, notice the need of COLLEGE STUDENTS who DO NOT WORK or have a JOB to attend and pay club cover charges…

    So what kind of music do COLLEGE STUDENT LISTEN TO?
    Perhaps students will listen to Classical Music, or piano recitals, maybe a classical string quartet?

    Let’s see a policy of “Under 21 with no drinking, but can enter club and enjoy hip hop, gangster music”?

    Is this what one calls “a club that’s run right”? Sounds a lot like “drive-thru daiquiris” policy that is laughed at by all 49 states.

    Let’s see, Under 21 students will frequent the nearest Glorified “ghetto liquor store” gas station and get cheap beer and drink outside the club….then litter the neighborhood with cans, bottles, trash and go to the bathroom in some backyard since they couldn’t get into the club, or better, “afford to pay” to get in the club.

    Well, does this “Under 21 allowed but no drinking” policy sound just like the nuisance bar/clubs of the past.

    (1) Same loud hip hop gangster music, certainly not 70’s music, to attract college kids.
    (2) Same lax drinking enforcement that wasn’t followed like last time.

    However, there appears to be talk of one thing different.
    (3) A far more difficult drinking policy to enforce in the real world by any club in America, including so-and-so club, that will COST more to enforce.

    Hence, less PROFITS…..
    Is it any wonder why New Orleans is so poor?

    Cater to college students who don’t have a JOB, under age drinking and driving by politicians and their offspring, highest car insurance in America, double sewerage and water rates, double property taxes, massive increase in flood insurance, rock bottom “look the other way” rate on Jackson Square rent and cash sales to avoid sales taxes for French Quarter street performers and J Square Artists while charging far more for parking and parking tickets to tourists who do have JOBS….and then the city says, “there’s no money to pay for lights, streets, police, etc?”

    • Obviously you never attended Tulane University. The richest 7% of kids go there. So I believe they use daddys money to go out. Plus, were could a college kid get a job in that area, since they are not allowed to have cars on campus the 1st year.

      • If these kids are SO RICH and they live and go to school in New Orleans for the last 40 years, i.e. these rich kids spend DADDY’s MONEY in New Orleans, why is the local economy so incredibly POOR?

        • OK, this joker is trolling us. Either that or he is straight up stupid. Tulane kids are rich but there are not that many of them. Hence the relative prosperity around campus. How the hell could they float the entire Nola economy? Wait, why am I even bothering with this idiot?

          • Not that many Tulane Kids?
            Does over 10,000 in that neighborhood sound small to you?

            And after over 175 years, and all their RICH DADDY alumni, shouldn’t Tulane have had more of positive impact on that entire area (as well as the city) by now?

          • I hate to keep repeating myself, but you are either trolling or stupid. 10k kids in the Tulane area bring about all sorts of issues, but they clearly have made a positive economic impact in the Uptown area. Hence all the businesses that cater to them Uptown. They have money to spend and they spend it. Uptown. While they are in school

            Most leave after they graduate. So most alumni take their money home, as it should be. 10k students makes a difference in the Tulane area, but in a city of 360k, not so much.

            Not that you are the type to listen to reason. But do go on, I am having fun laughing at your idiocy, and I am sure I am not alone. Plus, the more we keep you isolated and ranting at your computer, the better for our community as a whole.

          • Wow, the city jumped to 360k, but cutbacks are rampant and no tax dollars to pay for the most basic things like lights, traffics lights, streets, police and even 911…

            I did one forget to mention Xavier Prep closing down after like 90 years?

            Or what about today with Stewart Enterprises being bought out by a HOUSTON firm?

            And did you know that Lafayette has more public listed companies than New Orleans?

          • The authorities OUTSIDE LOUISIANA should check the stats for car accidents, drunk driving, insurance claims and compare that nationally to other places with drive thru daiquiris, high ABO permit establishments, 24/7 alcohol. See if there are any glaring statistical anomalies like the crime stats of the NOPD.

            The question is not whether the books are cooked. The question is if there are any accurate books in the first place in New Orleans or Louisiana.

          • Fascinating. Can you explain in more detail? If not I think you are just wrong.

          • The insurance companies and the FBI should definitely look hard at the accident and drunk driving incidents and the reported incidents and see if there are anomalies in the crime stats, especially in New Orleans, and compare that to other cities.

          • “So most alumni take their money home, as it should be.”

            Wait! In other cities, the ALUMNI transformed the city where families wanted to stay, could actually stay and afford it, and in turn actually grew. Austin, Boston, Palo Alto, Denver, Los Angeles, etc….It didn’t have a frat house like Bourbon St and “adult” atmosphere either.

            The only ones who are ISOLATED and getting even more ISOLATED each year is NOLA and it’s frat house / alcohol ways as its population is shrinking and getting smaller that even San Antonio is bigger than both New Orleans and Baton Rouge combined…not to mention a list of sister cities are are all bigger in pop. than the entire state of Louisiana.

          • The more you think about, it’s astonishing that Tulane and Loyola has had also no positive impact in the surrounding neighborhoods.

            Heck, essentially zero companies from alumni formed after like 40-60 years that were started and remained in the local neighborhood.

            This is very UN-Characteristic when compared with other cities with top rated universities. On the other hand, lots of bars and lounges as well as crime and poverty…..all the locals can talk is about this bar or that bar….but no startups or companies in that area of town….

          • Some interesting ideas here, but you need to expand your analysis. Perhaps you need to consider how Obamacare will factor into all of this. If you do not really dig into these issues, there is now way anyone will take you seriously.

          • (1) Jindal health secretary resigns amid investigation

            (2) Lee Zurik Investigation: St. Tammany coroner gives himself 39 percent raise

            (3) DEA busts alleged rogue internet pharmacy

            (4) Republicans seek IG probe into Sebelius over ObamaCare group donations

            The above “could” be linked to
            ObamaCare as it could be called the
            “AORTA of CORRUPTION”

            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
            “love thy neighbor as thyself” but don’t forget
            that the “Lord disciplines the one he loves”
            – Hebrews 12:6
            Can’t stand the “Proud-to-call-New-Orleans-Home”
            bumper sticker types?
            Too afraid to follow me on Twitter?
            You can still bookmark me on Twitter at

          • Nice try, but posting a bunch of links just proved you are not smart enough to understand the issues. What, you cannot explain yourself using your own words? You fail yet again.

          • WSJ: The Many Ways That Cities Cook Their Bond Books – The $3 trillion municipal debt market is rife with creative accounting.

            For a city where the Crime Stats are highly suspect by all crime experts, don’t be surprised the NOLA city books and Louisiana state books on DUI’s are also suspect to manipulate car insurance rates.

          • THREE of the past FOUR LOUISIANA INSURANCE Commissioners went to prison on federal criminal charges, including money laundering and extortion.


            Hey, see what digging up can do!!!

            Check those auto stats for driving drunk.

            AORTA of CORRUPTION….

          • More links? Useless. Unless you fully analyze this material, everyone reading this will know that you do not understand the issues at hand. You are just looking more and more foolish.

          • And who would have a FINANCIAL INTEREST in manipulating the DWI and auto car accident stats?

            Well there are certainly a lot of ABO permits and alcohol related businesses in New Orleans

            And where along the alcohol supply chain in Louisiana and New Orleans would a lot of money FLOW?

            But never would a Louisiana or New Orleans politician vote a certain way if he or she were to receive any campaign donations from alcohol related businesses, would they?

            But that would take digging into, would it not?

  3. “CRNA and the neighbors support Jimmy’s reopening — if it’s done right,”
    said Jill Stephens, an association member leading nearby residents in
    discussions with Jimmy’s about a good-neighbor agreement.

    Has there EVER been any club/bar that caters to COLLEGE students in Louisiana run right or “done right”?

    If there ever was a bar/club done right in New Orleans, why does Louisiana have the Highest Car Insurance Rates in America?

    • Our auto insurance rates are high primarily due to the number of people who operate vehicles without acquiring the legally mandated insurance coverage. I think we probably have the highest number of uninsured motorists in the country.

    • That’s only tiny part of the story.

      Louisiana has the highest number of fatalities and accidents as well.

      has an “What the meaning of the word ‘is’ is?” alcohol policy by
      allowing drive thru daiquiris, allowing 18 year olds into over 21 bars
      but not allowing them to drink, and a 24/7 alcohol sale policy city

      But before UNINSURED MOTORISTS are taken into account, accidents have to happen in the first place.

      If no accidents never happen, there would be no pay outs or insurance claims to begin with.

      Ah, but one might say that would never happen and everyone makes mistakes.

      if that would never happen, that is no accidents, why think that drive
      thru daiquiris wouldn’t have a DRIVER take a sip of the alcohol while

      Or, if that would never happen, that is no accidents,
      why couldn’t an 18year olds in over 21 bars who would not be allowed to
      drink quickly take a sip of ALCOHOL from their over 21 friend at the
      same table?

      Or, if that would never happen, that is no
      accidents, why couldn’t an alcoholic be drinking at 8am in the morning
      or 3am at night in a 24/7 alcohol city?

      On one hand, one says
      accidents and mistakes are always going to happen, but on the other
      hand, these same people say that people would never drink irresponsibly?

  4. “Guidry said she actually doesn’t favor the blanket approach in
    Clarkson’s ordinance, but that individual circumstances must be
    considered — as in the case of Jimmy’s.”

    So what has all this “individual circumstances that need to considered” produced for Louisiana and New Orleans?

    Could it be the list below?

    Population Comparisons:
    New Orleans Metro Area 1.1M,
    San Antonio 2.2M,
    Atlanta 5.4M,
    Houston 6.0M,
    Dallas 6.7M,
    All of Louisiana 4.5M

    All of Louisiana is 18% smaller than the Atlanta, 25% smaller than Houston, 33% smaller than Dallas. Are all those ABO, bars, clubs, gambling outlets working for you, NOLA? How about those “Proud to call New Orleans Home” Bumper Stickers, are they working?

    In other words, the ENTIRE STATE of LOUISIANA is still significantly smaller than its comparison CITIES of Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Additionally, San Antonio is still bigger than both New Orleans and Baton Rouge combined.

    • You seem to forget that our population in Orleans Parish/New Orleans is growing, our schools are improving, our flood protection is better than most other coastal cites in the nation and that over all things are looking pretty damned good for New Orleans as compared to pre-Katrina. Maybe this is also due to the number of ABO’s we have, eh? Trying to link the region’s ill’s to ABO’s is pretty obtuse in my opinion.

    • If you don’t like how Louisiana and New Orleans deals with alcohol, feel free to hop in your car and MOVE!

      I’m sure the rest of the boring country and all of its faux godliness would be glad to have you…

    • If you say the population is growing WHERE IS THE TAX MONEY to fix simple street lights, traffic lights, pay police?

      Why cut back the number of hours City Hall is open?

      Why is there still a massive amount of blight almost 8 years after Katrina?
      Why is there a short fall in the budget each year for a city that is growing?

    • “‘m sure the rest of the boring country and all of its faux godliness would be glad to have you…”

      The rest of the “boring country” at least has people to talk to. Yet, New Orleans with all it’s bars has no one in them to talk to as former patrons realized they had to get a JOB and they couldn’t drink all night.

      Face it, all NOLA bars are slowly getting EMPTY cause those patrons GREW UP, GOT MARRIED and NEED a GOOD JOB. Hence, another reason why there is NO MONEY from BARS to even pay for garbage pickup or police.

      The ones who need to MOVE out of NOLA are the BARS and Glorified “Ghetto Liquor Store” Gas Stations and Drive Thru Daiquiris.

    • All of those places are about an 8 hour drive. Why don’t use just move there. You have to wonder, with the poor grammar, false facts, and idiotic statements if “AhContraire” is Suan Guidry.

  5. >In order to book bands that draw an audience from the nearby
    >universities, Jimmy’s needs to be able to admit customers age 18 &
    > older, Tifft said.”He (apparently a L-A-W-Y-E-R) said he met his
    >future wife outside the original Jimmy’s — he was 18, she was 17 &
    >she was left standing outside because she was too young to go in.”

    In order to BOOK BANDS, it needs to ATTRACT COLLEGE KIDS?
    And does the word, “FRAT HOUSE” ring a bell?

    Apparently, some L-A-W-Y-E-R-S, don’t realize that people can meet their future wives and husbands at WORK, coffee shops, cafes, etc, where they don’t need ALCOHOL to INTRODUCE themselves, or say HELLO, or SCREAM above the MUSIC just to have a conversation.

  6. POINT 2:
    “But one sticking point has emerged — whether to allow customers younger than 21 inside the bar to hear music. In order to book bands that draw an audience from the nearby universities, Jimmy’s needs to be able to admit customers age 18 and older, Tifft said. ”

    “Needs to draw from under 21 crowd”

    WAIT! What happened to the 25-40 crowd?

    Q: Does that, the 21-40 crowd, even exist in New Orleans?

    A: Apparently not enough to support a small club.

    But why is that? Aren’t there more ABO permits per capita in New Orleans than any other city in America for the last 20-50 years? Well, then that area should easily have lots of companies employing 25-40 years olds like other cities, correct? Is that area so COOL and HIP?

    Could it be there’s NO JOBS and NO COMPANIES that want ALCOHOLICS as employees, as alcoholics and party atmosphere cause employees to show up late or not at all for work?

  7. It is becoming apparent I will forever be labeled as the owner who allowed a nuisance bar to operate in my building. If that’s the case, I have to accept it. I can’t change that, and at this point in time I can only offer my sincere apology. But the fact is, the Frat House was never brought up on charges of operating a nuisance bar. Please don’t think I’m saying at all that it wasn’t deserved, just that it wasn’t charged as such. There is a system in place to handle nuisance bars and it wasn’t utilized.The city, and only the city, through the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, has the power and the process of charging a business with being a nuisance and penalizing it as such.

    I am deeply sorry for any problems that arose when the Frat House was in operation. And I can only pray to get an opportunity to operate again at my location. No property owner wants unhappy neighbors. My sincere hope along with my new investors is that we can all get past this and move forward with our intentions of operating this business in order to create a positive impact on this neighborhood.

  8. Jeez… this conversation took a left turn somewhere… I don’t believe that Jimmy’s really needs the college age, under drinking age kids to be successful. Just some people who love all kinds of live music and want to frequent a place in their neighborhood. And hang out in a familiar atmosphere, a place they loved in their youth. Here’s hundreds of us….

    • Let’s look at who remains, lives, resides in New Orleans, i.e. demographics…

      And let’s look at what the REAL COSTS are to LIVE in New Orleans from 1-2 years ago, to like today. You will see the costs have gone dramatically up. Property Taxes are way way up due to a single assessor. SW&B rate are now going to double. Flood Insurance is way way UP from last July 2012 due to a new law.

      Remember the “THOSE ARE DALLAS RENT RATES?”

      Also Spending money on “going out” has got to decrease as there is just not enough extra money to even pay rent.

      Look at the Parade Krewes..they are losing membership as money is tight.

  9. So Susan Guidry is blaming Jimmy Anselmo, because his tenants paid there rent on time. She is saying that Anselmo let there tenants run wild.. Guidry states,“This same owner allowed a nuisance bar to operate at that location that these neighbors had to deal with from 2007 to 2012. A lot of the problem was underage drinking.” He is not in control of their liquor license The frat House went in front of the city council and city attorney numerous times because of their violations. Susan Guidry never did anything about this business. If you are going to blame a business for being a nuisance, blame Susan Guidry. She gave them small fines and never took their liquor license.

  10. it is 21 to get into bars in Northern LA. There are 8 bars in NOLA and 4 baton rouge that let in 18. Everywhere else is 21. So your comment is worthless. 21% of people in this state do not have insurance. It jumps to 28% when you are talking about illegal aliens driving in this state. Please get your facts straight.

    • Wow, that many Louisiana bars that allow 18 to enter!!!

      Well of course there’s a problem in Louisiana with the highest car insurance rates!!! 8 bars in NOLA and drive thru daiquiris, it not wonder why other states make fun of the drive thru daiquiris in Louisiana.

      • The City of New Orleans has ZERO drive thru daiquiris bars, you have to go to Jefferson Parrish and other parts of the state to find them…

  11. Robert,
    If my understanding is correct, then the ABO license is attached to the property, not the business. Could you please research why the building needs a new ABO license and why they can’t use the original license that the Frat House used if what Jimmy says is true, and the Frat House was never prosecuted .

    Dauphine’s House

    • They were raided by the state ATC and local police. While they have tickets issued to the business and the LLC, they were never convicted or pled out to not get anymore tickets for a certain period of time. This is due to your city council and city attorney, who refused to take there license. The problem is, when you purchase the Frat house LLc, you are also purchasing their debt. They did not pay any final electrical or SW&B bills. They did not pay any of their distributors. If you assume this liquor license, all these bills must be paid first. Finally, if you ever do have a problem the first thing they look at is your history. This bar did not pay bills and was issued tickets but never convicted. No distributor would ever give them a credit line or accept a check. Would you want this license before you even start, including the mounting legal bills which have occurred because of the of his? This establishment should have opened in October. They lost out on Voodoo, Mardi Gras and Jazz fest. The neighborhood wants this bar, Susan Guidry is the only person who is blocking the license.

  12. You have been rather prolific with your posts bemoaning the number of bars. But to try to establish a direct relationship between cost of car insurance and # of road fatalities with # of bars, deliberately overlooks one of the positive aspects of having a multitude of bars. We are surrounded by bars within walking distance in this town. Neighborhood bars give us the ability to walk home and not have to drive. I take advantage of this convenience as well as many of my acquaintances.

    The reasons for LA’s high car insurance are 3 fold (ask any lawyer): # of uninsured drivers (which you ask us to overlook), number of lawsuits over accidents, and general lack of driver competency. I’ve never heard anyone knowledgeable (and no, you don’t qualify as such) link the # of bars to the reason for our high insurance rates.

    • Q: Do you know why they are uninsured?

      A: Cause they don’t have a JOB that can easily afford insurance.

      Q: And do you know why they don’t have a JOB?

      A: Cause they didn’t show up for work on time, or at all.

      Q: And you do you know why they didn’t show up on time, or at all to work?

      A: Cause they were too wasted from the last night out, or whatever festival, that’s why.

      Ask any tourist….great place to party, terrible place to work.

      • Actually most of them ARE employed!

        They’re mostly well-paid douches who have moved here from out of state and refuse to register their cars here, get insurance here, pay taxes here, and get a driver’s license here!

        They are pure leaches just like all these food trucks (also out of state people who refuse to legally register, insure, and have inspected their trucks). They take take take from our local resources but refuse to give back and do their part as is their legal responsibility.

        They’re CRIMINALS!

        And I bet that probably half of the people commenting on this thread fall into that category (who knows maybe you too).

        Quit trying to act like bars and black people are the cause of every problem. In New Orleans it’s usually a bunch of over-privileged white people who are the cause…they just don’t want to admit their role.

        • They pay sales taxes, like stuff on alcohol, shouldn’t that be more than enough?

          What about tourists? They pay taxes, except for international visitors? Or has that been ended? They also pay very expensive tuition as well.

          But who really are the TAKERS and LEACHES?
          How about Food Stamps and EBT, Section 8, mixed housing, DBE’s etc…..Social services for alcoholics, children of baby daddies, welfare queens? And what about all these non-profits that were formed after Hurricane Katrina?

          Food Stamps and Section 8 is far more take and leach than car registrations.

    • “We are surrounded by bars within walking distance in this town. Neighborhood bars give us the ability to walk home and not have to drive.”

      RESPONSE 1:
      Did you ever hear of “BAR HOPPING”? If you have, perhaps you can explain by what physical means they use to HOP between bars and WHY would they HOP between bars in the first place?

      RESPONSE 2:
      If the high number of Neighborhood bars give NOLA the option of “walking vs driving”, why do the NOPD, City Hall Employees and politicians and politicians children still get caught for drunk driving and make front page news? Or for that matter, why does Louisiana have the highest number of fatalities and accidents due to DWI’s?

      • “Or for that matter, why does Louisiana have the highest number of fatalities and accidents due to DWI’s?”

        Oh dear god you are stupid. The highest number would be impossible given our small population. Perhaps your feeble mind meant highest percentage? Even there you are a failure in life:


        Check the numbers before you speak out of your uneducated ass.

        • Crime experts question NOPD stats that paint New Orleans as a safe city with a murder problem

          You can bet many of those death reported as loss of control and no alcohol were probably with alcohol…It wouldn’t look good for the City if were the truth. If they can complete skew the stats by that much, you can bet any alcohol related deaths from driving are also skewed.

          That’s right, keep checking those numbers.

          • “You can bet many of those death reported as loss of control and no alcohol were probably with alcohol”

            So when faced with actual numbers you claim a vast conspiracy that proves your “argument”? Look, I seriously cannot say with certainty if you are a troll or stupid. Given what I have seen from your posts, I am leaning towards stupid. In any case, please be assured that no one is taking you seriously. But please, keep posting. Every post means you are spending less time in the real world–that something we all can appreciate.

          • The Factual Numbers indicate an AORTA of CORRUPTION…remember that?

            Isn’t there a consent decree for both the NOPD and the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Jail?

            And can’t prisoners buy their way in and out of jail?

            Now, who has the facts?

          • I think he’s just trying to be a contrarian, a self-fulfilling prophecy. He’s managing to do it without a shred of persuasion, class, or comic relief.

          • Looks like you lost the Bars = Poverty “argument” and now you’re moving onto your futile Bars=Crime alternative.

            You must have had some truly terrible science project posters in high school…

      • Response 1: Well there’s feet, as in walking. Thinking of San Fermin and Red Dress Run as two of the bigger events in this city where bar hopping is involved. No cars involved. Your argument again falls apart.

        Response 2: You have made another mistake in multiple posts here. You keep clamoring on about New Orleans bars, but then you keep referring to Louisiana as if New Orleans is a microcosm of the state (hint, for Mr. World Traveler you, it ain’t.)

    • FYI: I-Team: Driver involved in triple fatality has long DWI record Officials sought to revoke license of Jennifer Englade


      A Louisiana defense L-A-W-Y-E-R would say…”That’s St. John and St. Charles parishes, that’s not Orleans Parish! Can’t prove direct relationship!!! blah, blah, blah”

      But a person outside of Louisiana would say, “See, there goes those stupid people from Louisiana with their drive-thru daiquiri and 24/7 alcohol polices”.

      So, what’s those NOLA and La. population numbers as compared to other cities?

      • Keep rambling. Your logic is still fatally flawed. You can’t look at a city and say, well it’s got a lot of A, and a lot of B, THUS, if A then B. It doesn’t work that way.

  13. If you want to see what bars and ABO permitted businesses can do for a neighborhood like the Carrollton area in attracting businesses that have good paying jobs for like professionals, generating tax revenue that can keep the streets fixed, lights on, and safe, why not look at the French Quarter as they have been around for over 100 years and seem to be in the international news for one reason or the other lately?

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