Dat Dog employee shot during attempted robbery

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Police vehicles surround Dat Dog on Freret Street and neighbors and employees talk outside after a robbery attempt and shooting inside the business Monday morning. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

An employee of the Dat Dog on Freret Street was shot Monday morning by a masked man attempting to rob the popular restaurant before it opened, police said.

Several employees were inside the store around 10:30 a.m. preparing to open when a masked man with a gun walked in and demanded money, said Officer Frank Roberston, a NOPD spokesman. The employee was reluctant to give the money up, and the gunman shot him once in the right shoulder, Robertson said.

Dat Dog planned to remain closed Monday. Constantine Georges, one of the owners, said he understood the wound to be minor, and that his employee is expected to make a full recovery.

“One’s always concerned about anything like that, but whatever the reason, God was good to us,” Georges said as he prepared to drive to the hospital.

Police officials said they hope to release video surveillance images of a suspect soon, and business owners and neighbors noted the large number of video cameras on the surrounding streets. Monday’s shooting was the first time the violence that occasionally flares up in the neighborhood has reached the commercial corridor since the fatal shooting of Errol Meeks in front of the now-shuttered Friar Tucks nightclub nearly two years ago.

“This was an isolated incident, and hopefully it will be resolved quickly,” said Kellie Grengs, a board member of The New Freret business and property owners association.

Numerous detectives from the NOPD Second District were on the scene and walking through the neighborhood, and Commander Paul Noel vowed to make the investigation a priority. He noted that homicide detectives are still actively investigating the killing of a cab driver in an apparent robbery on South Claiborne from only about 12 hours earlier.

“Nothing disgusts me more than these robberies like this,” Noel said.

10 thoughts on “Dat Dog employee shot during attempted robbery

  1. I am always a critic of those who ask for more police. I always cite how every criminal has a record and that the real problem is that the DA is underfunded. However, even I must concede that the lack of criminals being caught leaving the scenes of these crimes is unacceptable.

  2. Just so everyone knows, this wasn’t a case of “refusing to hand over the money” or anything “Clint Eastwoodesque”. This guy had a gun at Ed’s head and he couldn’t remember the combo to the safe. The guy got agitated and told him to “stop fucking stalling”. Ed made a split second decision when the guy turned his head to go for the gun. He figured the guy was going to shoot him anyway and he was more worried that he’d turn the gun on his employees. He’d have much rathered just give the guy the money. But when he couldn’t get the safe opened, he took a chance and went for the gun. The guy had a .45 aimed at his head & if Ed hadn’t turned his head at the last possible second, he’d have taken the bullet in the head instead of his shoulder. It really bothers Ed that ANYONE would think he’d risk his employees safety for something as transient as MONEY.

    • Kim,

      I really hope everyone understands what you’re saying here. Although usually an armed robber will not shoot his victims if they cooperate, it’s certainly far from a sure thing and nobody should be judged harshly for fighting back as opposed to passively leaving their lives in the hands of a desperate criminal. There are lots of victims who have done exactly what a robber told them to and wound up dead.

    • I agree Kimberly. Some of the media will look for anyway to sensationalize a story. Good thing we have UM as a reliable source of reporting.
      We all hope for Ed’s speedy recovery and the gunman’s arrest soon!
      3 doors down from where I live….is a little too close to home.

  3. I live in this neighborhood, and occasionally we have really weird disturbances. Our block talks, and we all have witnessed or have been victim to unfortunate circumstances within the past year. We stand together as an armed community. Living in a neighborhood like this should not have to feel like preparing for war. We all agree that we never see the NOPD patrol our neighborhood.

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