Fundraiser to support attorney wounded in Uptown carjacking

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Sandy Kaynor Jr. (via

As the Jones Walker law firm prepares a fundraiser to support medical treatment for attorney Sandy Kaynor — who was critically wounded two months ago in a shooting and carjacking at Camp and Delachaise — his wife issued a statement Friday morning about what he means to her.

“What makes Sandy so beloved?” Grace Kaynor begins. “His kindness, gentleness, generosity of spirit, sense of humor and love for life.”

Her full statement continues below:

He has the purest singing voice I have ever heard, he plays a truly soulful guitar and he loves music with a rare passion – he is also a great wordsmith and Granville (our son) and I often laugh at his amusing reconstituted lyrics to songs on the radio. He has funny sayings that are reminiscent of “Mad Men” days….”gin it up”, “circle back”, etc. He has never asked anything of his friends – he has never had any expectations of his friends for favors or special treatment. He loves unconditionally, without regard for race, religion, background or anything else -and never holds back his feelings with friends and family. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt but then stands up for himself and others when he believes fairness and honesty are in question. He is brilliant but modest – and very humble – he never expects or anticipates rewards or kudos for his activities and has never discussed any hope of such things with me in the 21 years I have known him (even partnership). He has always been respectful of me and our relationship and has never once in 20 years of marriage fought with me in an inappropriate manner (ie – hitting below the belt). He has NEVER refused a single request I have made – trips, renovations, child-rearing, family events, etc. He even studied for the LA Bar in the ICU when my father was dying – needless to say he did not do much studying as he became the family spokesperson and helped to coordinate with the doctors. After my father died, he sang Ave Maria at the funeral because my mother asked him to and he wanted to make her happy.

He is also a great foodie – and loves to describe his favorite meal at Galatoire’s – martini (very cold and very dry, up with a twist) and softshells with crabmeat to anyone who will listen.

Sandy is just a truly great soul and I consider it a privilege to be married to him.


The Jones Walker fundraiser will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Monday (Dec. 17) at 201 St. Charles Avenue, on the 52nd Floor.

“All proceeds from the fundraiser will be directed toward the Kaynor Family Medical and Children’s Educational Trust,” the firm writes. “Donations may be made payable to Grace Kaynor as trustee of the Kaynor Family Medical and Children’s Educational Trust. To mail a donation, please send to the address above, attention: Chris Mann. To make a donation online, click here. Please note that donations are not tax-deductible.”

Kaynor’s family is fighting for oxygen treatments to improve his responsiveness that his insurance company will not pay for, according to this report Meg Farris and our partners at WWL-TV:

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