Alleged gunman arrested in shooting of Dat Dog employee

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Nathaniel Jones (via

Detectives have identified and arrested the man they say shot an employee of Dat Dog on Freret Street while trying to rob the store Monday morning, authorities announced.

Nathaniel “Li’l Brother” Jones, 19, is charged with attempted murder and attempted armed robbery, and police officials credit members of the Freret community with giving them the information they needed to identify him.

For details, see the NOPD news release below:

Second District Police arrested the suspected gunman today who shot an Uptown restaurant manager during a botched armed robbery attempt two days ago.

Officers say 19-year-old Nathaniel “Li’l Brother” Jones entered through the back door of the restaurant in the 5000-block of Freret Street on Monday morning at around 10. He was wearing a bandana over his face and carrying a handgun. Jones tried unsuccessfully to rob the business, wound up shooting the restaurant manager in his left shoulder, and finally took off empty-handed.

The victim was treated for his wound at a nearby hospital and released.

With the help of residents, detectives collected enough information to develop Jones as the suspected gunman. Jones’ picture was also fingered as the suspect in a photographic line-up.

Officers apprehended Jones in Kenner today and later relocated him to Central Lock-Up, where he was booked with Attempted Murder and Attempted Armed Robbery.

Jones had previously been arrested for Gun Possession, Theft, Possession of Stolen Property and Flight from an Officer.

“Our Second District officers did tireless work on this case, knowing that someone who didn’t hesitate to fire his gun on an innocent victim was still roaming the streets, possibly looking to rob other businesses”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“A great contributing factor to solving this case: the incredible support and information provided by members of the community who assisted our officers in identifying the gunman. This combined effort made an arrest in this case inevitable. When residents work with our officers, we all win.”

4 thoughts on “Alleged gunman arrested in shooting of Dat Dog employee

  1. Great news- and even this horrible event makes me proud to walk like a Freretian.
    Within the first minute Tika ran from her desk at the Hardware Store and was administering first aid, Thea called- setting off an old school phone tree that had all we could on lock down-

    + we all ran to our CCTV cameras looking for this SOB and worked with 2nd District.
    + More cameras are on they way….
    Best from Freret,
    Andy Brott

  2. I don’t think you should put people’s nick names or possibly gang names in releases like this. It gives them the “street credit” that we should avoid glamorizing in media outlets.

  3. It’s a shame. Now we can lock lil Nathaniel up , pay for his room, board and medical care, for 5 to 10 years and he can emerge from prison as a true professional criminal. He’ll be 29, in the prime of his criminality. There has got to be a better way.

    Thank you NOPD Second District detectives and “Well Done” to all you Feretians. You guys set an example for the whole city to follow.

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