Council candidate “angry, embarrassed and disappointed” about husband’s marijuana charge

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After assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell was cited for possession of what police say was a marijuana joint that fell out of his pocket in court Monday, his wife, District B City Council candidate LaToya Cantrell, issued a statement about her dismay over his “lack of judgment.”

“I am very angry, embarrassed, and disappointed to learn about my husband’s bad decision and lack of judgment today. I absolutely do not condone his actions. He has resigned his position with the City Attorney’s Office, and he will accept the legal consequences as the judicial process takes its course,” LaToya Cantrell’s statement read. “I love my husband unconditionally and am very concerned for his health and wellbeing, and for that of our family. I hope that this incident will encourage Jason to seek the professional help he needs and ask that the public respect our privacy in this very personal family matter.”

14 thoughts on “Council candidate “angry, embarrassed and disappointed” about husband’s marijuana charge

  1. I respect the wordng of your public response. My question is this. What was he doing withsingle loose joint in a publics building. Put it in a mint canister or gum wrapper. That way if it does drop from pocket it would not be scene.
    Remember family: this too shall pass

  2. good lord, another person who thinks the only way to not smoke pot or do drugs or drink is to “seek professional help”. sometimes its as simple as not being a fucking moron!

  3. This is the same guy who vigorously defended my neighbor who
    falsely accused me of blowing grass on his property . . . Couldn’t have
    happened to a nicer guy J

  4. Clearly the Cantrell house s OUT OF ORDER and sadly his wife will vainly and w/ no shame continue her campaign so that if she wins she can bring this type of BLATANT DISREGARD OF THE RULES to public office aka New Orleans politics business as usual.

  5. “fell out of his pocket in court”? Guess court is now a great venue to carry illegal drugs. Way to uphold the law and integrity of the position… what a Douche

  6. How long has Ms. Cantrell known and been married to Mr. Cantrell? Does this event reveal a “look the other way” trait in Ms. Cantrell?

    Perhaps Dana Kaplan is worth another look…

  7. Really????… Respect your privacy? You are running for public office wanting to represent me, I don’t think you have that right to ask that of me. You should have got him this so called “help” before you decided to run. I am tired of politicians who think they can clean up or run an efficient government when their own home isn’t clean. This is BS!!!

  8. There is no way for you not to know your husband is a weed smoker. Get real! He smells like it. It’s in the car, the house curtains, – everywhere. Stop hiding and lying.

  9. It’s ashame she would stay in this race. Out of respect for her, the district and her supporters dropping out is the best thing for her to do because this matter isn’t going anywhere. Ofcouse she know about her husband drug problem.

  10. Why not take this Tai Chi opportunity, Latoya, and run on the platform of “Legalizing it”. Otherwise hypocrisy will ruin your chances of winning.

  11. I support anybody who chooses to use cannabis and is a responsible person within our society. This fella fulfills that parameter.
    He would do well to educate his wife that legally she is not obligated, as well as being protected by court rules, to testify against her husband. This shows no loyalty to the one she chose to share her life with, so why would constituents trust her loyalty to them? I can only imagine she’ll be filling the local jails with cannabis users who are responsible within their society.

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