Where’s the power? New Orleans asks in Isaac’s wake

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View Uptown New Orleans power outages and restored areas in a larger map

Entergy’s map of outages at 11 p.m. Saturday. (viewoutage.entergy.com/nola.aspx)

With Hurricane Issac’s winds and rain long gone, New Orleanians around Uptown and the entire city have been left to ask, where is the electricity?

Because the Entergy maps have proven themselves to be unexpectedly unreliable, Uptown Messenger is building our own map of outages and restored areas, based on firsthand reports by our readers. We’ll also include significant hazards that may still be affecting the public. To add or update information, either tweet it to us @UptownMessenger, or email it to uptown@nolamessenger.comHurricane Isaac aftermath, live updates (Saturday, Sept. 1)

3 thoughts on “Where’s the power? New Orleans asks in Isaac’s wake

  1. So many of these outages could have been avoided if Entergy actually performed any sort of preventative maintenance. So many rotten poles and crossbars. So many poles that have been leaning for YEARS. So many trees that should have been trimmed months ago. …and don’t get me started on all of the opportunities to bury some of the power lines underground that were squandered by lack of coordination and forethought during all of the recent road-work across the city.

  2. Great idea, Robert–a UGC map of outages to line up against the pathetically inaccurate one offered by Entergy. Much more practical than anything NOLA.com has thought up so far. This storm is going to end up being an economic disaster wrought by Entergy for local businesses–and residents, obviously–more than anything wrought by nature.

  3. I posted this on Facebook yesterday prior to me getting my power restored, I live on St. Mary Street, I will repost it on facebook as long a fellow New Orleanians remain without power!

    By:Brandt Lewis @brandtlewis (twitter/instagram)


    Well I have a fully charged laptop thanks 2 my co-worker Devin,
    I don’t have any power, so hey, why not write a little.

    Earlier today on my quest for power, I was traveling down
    Magazine Street, here in the uptown portion of New Orleans, about 2 city blocks
    from my home and once on Magazine street, I was traveling south, toward Whole
    Foods market, through this ordeal, they have been the BEST at giving the
    citizens of New Orleans a place to get power, food, air, etc. While traveling
    down Magazine, I saw one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen in my
    life, a gentleman was walking BUCK naked in the street holding a sign that
    said: “I’ll put my clothes on when you put my power on!” Now I’m sure
    a lot of you are appalled, but this man should have a statue erected (no pun
    intended) in his honor. You see this is a classic example of how greed has
    caused the common good a sense of comfortability. Plainly said, ENTERGY DOES
    ORLEANS. They send big named lobbyist into city hall and say this and that
    about their awards, but if you are the only company competing how good are you

    A word about my former ideal Charles Rice, CEO of Entergy New
    Orleans, now Charles is a “brother”, for whatever the fuck that is
    worth. A black man, that made me proud, his path to success, cause me to list
    among my goals in life, to aspire to be CEO of Entergy New Orleans, today in
    the midst of this heat, I wouldn’t take that fucking job if Jesus, my God and
    savior commanded me! This guy Charles Rice on Wednesday gave the people of New
    Orleans comfort by saying the following: “people believe me we can’t make
    any money unless the meter is turning, we want your lights to be on, just as
    bad as you want your lights on.” he then laughed and went on. Mr. Rice,
    you don’t have to be Cheron Brylski to know that the PR team that you
    have in place at Entergy, isn’t worth a palm reading in the French Quarter! The
    people of New Orleans aren’t interested in the money that you make as a company
    in the time of a crisis ass hole! Then Entergy, puts out a picture in
    Plaqumines Parish, it was of a transformer station that was completely under
    water, what the fuck does that have to do with Greater New Orleans Mr. Rice? We
    understand what they are going through, many of us went through something
    similar 7 years ago in a little storm named, Katrina, you may or may not have
    heard of it. Truth is, Entergy can NOT continue to be the only energy company
    in this city. Mr. Willard Romney came to Louisiana yesterday, to all of you
    planning on voting for the Romney/Ryan fuck plan, let the after math of this
    storm be a learning exercise to you, as to why GOVERNMENT MUST REGULATE AND BE

    Now I know I’ve gone off the reservation again, I know I’m going
    to receive phone calls and text messages AGAIN, but word of wisdom, my fucking
    power isn’t on and hasn’t been since Wednesday at 11AM, I’m an over weight
    black man, who hasn’t had fried chicken in a very long time and it’s, 91
    fucking degrees in my HOUSE, that I share with a damn dog who has to pee every
    30 min, so if you call me about this facebook post, I’m going to curse your ass
    out! But you can always comment! Thanks for listening friends.

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