NOPD: Doctor robbed at gunpoint in McDonald’s drive-through lane on South Claiborne

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A doctor was robbed at gunpoint while waiting in the drive-through lane of the South Claiborne Avenue McDonald’s on her way to work Wednesday morning, police said.

Around 6:40 a.m. Wednesday, a man with a silver handgun walked up to the woman’s car and demanded “everything,” adding, “I’m sorry, but I need money for diapers,” said Sgt. Sabrina Richardson of the NOPD Sixth District persons-crimes unit. The woman gave him $60 in cash and he ran off, so she went on to work, Richardson said, but she then ran into an officer who was at her hospital on another assignment and reported the robbery to him.

Investigators believe they may be able to obtain video footage of the suspect, Richardson said. The description of him given by the victim did not include any unusual clothing or physical features, said Lt. Frank Young of the Sixth Distict investigative unit.

18 thoughts on “NOPD: Doctor robbed at gunpoint in McDonald’s drive-through lane on South Claiborne

  1. Love how she waits to make the report after she gets to work. It must have not been that important enough to call the police right away.

  2. I would have been screaming about what just happened to the person in the drive thru window, and either I or they should have called 911. McD’s needed to know, so their employees can be extra-vigilant!

  3. Thank you! Some doctors really just have to get to work and saves some lives and report these incidents soon after. I know, I work in this line of work.

      • There is also a civic responsibility to report violent crime as soon as it occurs. I am sure the doctor could have given brief description and explained the need to get to work. The police at least would be aware a dangerous criminal was holding people up at gun point in the area. Had this person then shot and killed someone an hour later nearby that failure to act promptly and responsibly would have been squarely placed on her shoulders. We can all justify how important we are and how important our jobs are, but not one of those excuses will justify civic irresponsibility. if you can’t be bother to report a violent robber who has just robbed you and might have just moved to someone else, would you bother to call the cops if you saw someone else being robbed or just get to it when it is convenient since you are so very important? The story states she happened to run into an officer on a different assignment, had she not would this even have been reported? Hey, she lived and what is $60 to a doctor, let the next person victimized by this person deal with it. The attitude of not aggressively confronting and dealing with crime in our neighborhoods has a direct correlation on how emboldened our criminals will act. If we don’t champion our safety and think as shepherds to our community; if we drop the ball like this, then what right do we have to say the cops and prosecutors aren’t doing their jobs? We have a personal responsibility to our greater community, to give that up is to give up the expectation that other would behave any differently or any less selfishly. Perhaps I am speaking out of turn and the good doctor is such a specialist and the state of care so bad that a person was going to die if she didn’t show up… Yet if time was of the essence what was she doing waiting in line for coffee? Assuming she was headed to surgery a patient could have been bumped up, someone else could have covered, procedures are in place for things like getting held-up at gun point. I have reported a number of crimes to different NOPD branches, of differing severity and I have found, especially with gun crime, they react fast and would likely have kept her no more than 15 minutes without her stating she was needed in surgery, assuming she was. So, she reports this two hours later, an hour later someone close to you NOLADOC, is gunned down by this person. Would you still shrug it off, say “hey, her reporting it wouldn’t have led to his capture before he took my loved one?” I seriously doubt it.

        • She reported it when she got to the hospital. Sounds to me like it got reported quicker since she ran into a cop at the hospital. Believe me, I have been robbed before and called 911 immediately. Cops arrived and proceeded to sit outside my house filing a report for around 3 hours. The guy was not caught. Maybe she just thought it was more efficient to drive to the hospital and deal with it there. Or who knows- I’m sure with the shock of everything that happened, she was rattled and not sure what to do. We don’t know what she was thinking. Are you seriously angry someone didn’t make the right decision (in your opinion) after going through something like that? For your information, there is NOT always someone to cover. In my husband’s case, the lower level residents are not experienced enough to do a case on their own. If it was an attending that was held up, sometimes the residents can’t do things on their own. If they were stopping to get coffee, maybe it was because they were about to go into the hospital and be responsible for someone’s LIFE and they wanted a little caffeine to perk up after being up all night. Can you blame her? On another note- $60 is actually a lot to us, for your information, since you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Not all doctors are loaded- many are residents, like my husband, who work ridiculous hours for very little pay. All while trying to pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans. We make FAR less money than friends our age. Sounds like you are a little bitter towards the lifestyle you think doctors lead. How about instead of attacking someone who contributes something important to society, you take a look at yourself and realize no one is perfect.

  4. This woman should be thrown in jail for failing to accept the personal responsibility of not having a handgun. She allowed a dangerous felon to escape to terrorize some other victim. She is irresponsible and she does not deserve any sympathy whatever. Her name and identity should be made public. She is hardwired, programmed, to fail and everyone should be given the choice to stay as far away from her as possible.

    • Have you ever contacted NOPD to report a crime? Next time you bitch about waiting at a doctor’s appointment, remember this woman selflessly went to take care of her patients rather than wait on NOPD to do nothing. Get real.

  5. Ummm…Isn’t the real story here that a DOCTOR was eating at MCDONALDS? What about all those lectures I get about eating healthy?

  6. This dr is a friend and ever a proponent for the sickest within our city. Despite the scare from such an event, this dr continued to work because there were others to care for. How unfortunate to read some of the comments posted.

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