Six arrested in two more Central City looting cases; police credit citizens’ vigilance

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Six more people were arrested in separate looting cases Wednesday in Central City, and police credit the vigilance of neighborhood residents in helping officers stop the crimes while they were still in progress.

One looting call was at a club on Martin Luther King Boulevard near South Robertson, where a man and a woman were seen breaking in by a citizen, said Lt. Frank Young of the NOPD Sixth District Investigative Unit. When police arrived, they found the couple inside, trying to steal liquor and loose change from the bar, and both were booked on looting charges, Young said.

In a separate case, a corner store was at Jackson and Magnolia was broken into by five people, and four of the suspects were arrested on looting charges when a resident called it in, Young said. Both cases happened during the day, before the curfew was instituted, and follow the looting of a business at Seventh and Danneel that police stopped in progress on Tuesday night, Young said.

“In all three looting cases, citizens called 911 as they saw people breaking in,” Young said. “They’re not going to tolerate it, and we caught them in the act as they were inside.”

A few scattered residence burglaries have been reported as well, Young said, but no more than occur during a normal week. Young said he was only aware of one curfew arrest as of 10:30 p.m.: a resident in one of the riverside neighborhoods saw a man near a house with the window partially open and the air-conditioning unit pushed aside, and while there was not enough evidence to book the man with attempted burglary, he was taken to jail on outstanding warrants and a curfew charge, Young said.

The Sixth District is operating under a looting plan that calls for fixed patrols around known targets for looting, such as Walmart, Magazine Street and other areas with concentrations of businesses, Young said. The key to the success of the anti-looting effort, however, is continued vigilance by citizens, Young said.

“If you hear a loud noise and look out the window, and see someone beating on doors and trying to force their way in, call 911,” Young said. “We have people strategically placed and they’ll be there. That’s what we’re out here for.”

41 thoughts on “Six arrested in two more Central City looting cases; police credit citizens’ vigilance

  1. What exactly is the difference between “looting” and “burglary”? If they broke into a club and attempted to take things that didn’t belong to them why isn’t that considered burglary?

  2. Seriously, this is why some people don’t evacuate during natural disasters. They’re afraid of what will happen in that magical time between the end of the storm and when they can get back in. It’s unfortunate that some people feel entitled to other people’s hard earned things – oh wait…nevermind…I know where they get that from.

  3. Maybe not tolerating LOOTING has an impact… Not like Katrina where the Mayor ran and hid…. Woops that may be racist or political….

  4. Burglary is like training for Looting which is done during a power outage, then the ‘Sons of ObaMao’ are taught to re-distribute the wealth of the Makers to the Takers when they become dimmoKKKRATS, then when elected to Congress they Loot The Treasury, and ultimately as President you can LOOT MEDICARE for $716 BILLION DOLLARS, STEAL $750 BILLION and give it to the Unions and call it a ‘Stimulus’, etc etc etc…got it now???

  5. What a tragedy that this story has to be carried on Drudge, and not the major news mills. This is an inspiring story. No, not the looting, the part about people looking out for one another, people they don’t even know. Citizens calling 911 instead of following the advice of the aiding and abetting criminal behavior, don’t snitch song. We should be pointing out what being a good citizen to your neighbors and your community looks like. Better still, the bad guys were caught and arrested. Win-Win!

  6. I remember watching media coverage of Wal*Mart being looted during Katrina while the talking heads on the tube cheered…. is that no longer considered acceptable?

    And, shouldn’t a hate crime be tacked on to the looting charges if they occurred on Martin Luther King Boulevard?

  7. Aw, c’mon, let’s not be uncivil about it…Police should fire three warning shots into their legs. You don’t want them copping a plea and getting off light, do you?

  8. A Conservative Govenor 2012
    Less Crime – Good Safty Proceedures
    Lib/Communist Govenor 2005.
    High Crime – NO saftey Proceedures
    Cause and Effect.

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