Irish Channel neighbors to discuss creating private security patrol

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Based on the requests of several residents, the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association will begin a discussion tonight (Thursday, Aug. 9) about the process of setting a private security patrol in the area.

Representatives from a private security company and from the Garden District Association have been invited to explain how a security district is created, said association president Kara Morgan. The Irish Channel held similar deliberations several years ago, but the idea never got off the ground, she said.

The meeting will be from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Irish Channel Christian Fellowship, located at 819 First Street. With a Saints preseason game scheduled at the same time, Morgan said she does not know how much turnout to expect, and no vote on the issue is likely to be taken this month.

Also on the agenda is conversation with representatives from the Foundation for Louisiana, which has recently released citizens’ guides to land use and urban design, free booklets intended to explain the city planning process so that more people can participate in it.

3 thoughts on “Irish Channel neighbors to discuss creating private security patrol

  1. Where y’at Faubourg Marengo? I’d be happy to pay extra millage for a patrol possibly in conjunction with the Touro neighborhood.

  2. IF you decide to go with a Private Security Firm it may work, MidCity Security using NOPD is useless….called at 4:30pm a car was blocking two driveways. One is a disabled person. Got the answer machine (as usual) but they did call back around 8:30PM. Called on bad neighbors – and they drove by and never stopped….. This system isnt working as it should – but a Private Patrol could be better. i just wish we could get to the point where we dont have to pay double for Police Protection.

  3. As a resident of the Irish Channel I am firmly opposed to this. I pay more than enough taxes to the city and I don’t feel that spending more money on something that we already pay for (NOPD). If there is truly a concern about crime in the Irish Channel those ‘several residents’ should vocalize their concerns to the 6th district of NOPD instead of attempting to saddle the rest of the residents with the cost of making them feel better. Finally, to knowingly schedule a meeting during a Saints game is just wasting your time.

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