Petition drive launched to add Kaplan to District B ballot

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Dana Kaplan

Supporters of juvenile-justice advocate Dana Kaplan have organized a drive to get 1,000 signatures on a petition to add her to the ballot this fall to represent Uptown-based District B on the City Council.

Kaplan, an Irish Channel resident and Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana, began visiting neighborhood associations this spring as she explored a bid for the District B seat vacated by Stacy Head’s election to the At-Large seat. According to the “Draft Dana Kaplan” group, she has agreed to run if their petition effort is successful by Aug. 15.

The seat is being held by Diana Bajoie until the election. The only candidate who has begun campaigning for the seat so far is Broadmoor community leader LaToya Cantrell, but former Stacy Head aide and current Bajoie staffer Eric Strachan has also said he is considering the seat.

See the full news release from the “Draft Dana Kaplan” group below:

Community Group Organizes To Draft Dana Kaplan

Draft Dana Kaplan for District B will collect signatures for candidate nomination

The Draft Dana Kaplan for District B committee announced plans to collect enough voter signatures to nominate Dana Kaplan as a candidate for the open District B seat. The special election will be held in November to fill the District B Seat vacated by Stacy Head on the New Orleans City Council.

John Adcock, a member of the group, said it might be the first time in recent history any candidate has been placed on the ballot in this grassroots fashion.

“According to the Registrar of Voters and Clerk of Criminal Court no one in at least 15 years has been nominated by this voter-driven method. Dana has said that she will run if residents call on her to do so. This is our way of showing Dana and District B voters that the next Councilperson must have broad, district-wide grassroots support,” Adcock said.

The Draft Dana Kaplan for District B committee consists of community and neighborhood leaders from every part of District B. Their mission is to elect a Councilperson who can best represent every part of the district and be accessible to everyone.

“Anyone can simply put up the cash to buy their way on to the ballot, or for that matter try to buy a seat on the Council. We are working to earn Dana’s place on the ballot through direct engagement of District B voters. We want to give Dana the opportunity to again earn their support in November,” Theresa Elloie, another member of the group, added.

Kaplan is the executive director of the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana and previously worked to help Safe Streets, Safe Communities with their effort to authorize the Independent Police Monitor.

The nominating petition requires 1,000 signatures of registered voters from District B and Adcock said after just a few days of signature gathering, the campaign is well on its way to meeting the requirement before the qualifying deadline of August 15th.

“We have been overwhelmed by the diversity and volume of people encouraging Dana to run. It is clear that District B residents want their next councilperson to come from a community movement, and not a political machine,” Elloie said.

Election Day is set for Tuesday, November 6th.

Draft Dana Kaplan for District B Committee Members (list still in formation):

  • John Adcock
  • Marisa Arrona
  • Rafael Delgadillo
  • Theresa Elloie
  • Kevin Griffin
  • Norris Henderson
  • Laila Hlass
  • Barbara Jackson
  • Fanny McKnight
  • T. Cole Newton
  • Minh Nguyen
  • Briana O’Neal
  • Thena Robinson
  • Sister Mary Lou Specha
  • Morgan Williams
  • Gina Womack

3 thoughts on “Petition drive launched to add Kaplan to District B ballot

  1. Pardon my cynicism but this warm and fuzzy “draft” business has political scheming written all over it.

  2. The poverty pimps of Central City are supporting another white to lead a majority black district, and yet, we wonder why our kids are killing, and turning to the streets for a better life. The lisrt demostrates who’s selling our people out!!! Dana Kaplan ain’t done jack for the poor folks in Central City, so how can she run for office? Just get a major poverty pimp to support you. And the 501C-3 negroes on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. are the ones draining our community of resources. LaToya Cantrell is no better, she’s controlled by Rosilyn Pechaud, so find out who’s controlling Hoffman Triangle, and you can connect the dots

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