In honor of Wombat: Oak Street remembers fire victim with second line

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Members of numerous area bands — the Treme Brass Band, the Storyville Stompers and Bone Tone brass band — lead a second-line parade down Oak Street on Saturday afternoon in memory of their friend, Charlie Nash, who died in an apartment fire in late June. (Robert Morris,

A photo of Charlie Nash is carried aloft by Bonnie Delconte, a close friend, flanked by Nash’s sister Elizabeth MacGeachy and brother Chris Nash on the left, and mother Marilyn Nash and her friend Nelson Thompson on the right. His siblings both live in Chicago, and his mother and Thompson live in Minnesota, but the family is originally from Wisconsin. (Robert Morris,

A portrait of Charlie Nash painted by Oak Street artist Frenchy hangs on the wall of Ace Hardware, where Nash worked for 14 years, behind store owner Bruce Foret and his son, Joey, as they watch the crowd assemble for the second line. (Robert Morris,

Chris Kohl of The Hot Club of New Orleans plays the clarinet in the band leading the second line for Charlie Nash. Kohl handed out hats to the band members reading “Wombat,” for Nash’s nickname. “This is just a one-time thing for everyone who loved and knew and respected him,” Kohl said. “This is just to pay homage to Charlie’s memory.”

Brad Wilkins, owner of Oak Street Cafe, walks with others in the second line. (Robert Morris,

Wearing the “Wombat” hat, band member Rick Trolsen stands among the crowd gathering on Oak Street in Nash’s honor. (Robert Morris,

4 thoughts on “In honor of Wombat: Oak Street remembers fire victim with second line

  1. Thanks for posting these Robert! I know for a fact there are others who would’ve like to have attended (myself included) that couldn’t, some that never returned (and may never return) from Katrina. Great coverage, bittersweet story –

  2. A very fine and fitting tribute to a fine guy. Charlie, you were with us every step of the way yesterday. Truly excellent neighbors in a truly excellent neighborhood–on both sides of Carrollton. 🙂 Thanks to everyone for being.

  3. Charlie you were there on Saturday because it was such a great party and you would have not missed it. Everyday there is a Charlie moment for me and you will be missed so much.

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