District B staff member leaves post to run for Council seat

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Eric Strachan

A former District B chief of staff who led the transition from Stacy Head to Diana Bajoie has left that job to focus on his own run for the City Council seat, he announced Tuesday morning.

Eric Strachan, a lifelong Uptown resident who has worked in various City Council offices since 2007, said in early June that he was “strongly considering” a run for the District B seat, which was left vacant for most of May after Head was elected to the council’s At-Large seat. After Bajoie was appointed to the seat by Mayor Mitch Landrieu in early June, Strachan stayed on for about three weeks to assist with the transition, and then resigned to focus on his candidacy, he said Tuesday morning.

“It is with great excitement that I am announcing my candidacy for District B on the New Orleans City Council,” Strachan said in his official announcement. “Given my experience working in city government these last 5 years, I know I am ready to lead the district along its path to prosperity and stability. We need progressive and reform-minded council members, and I will bring decisive leadership to this position.”

In an interview with Uptown Messenger in June, Strachan said that crime is the most important issue facing the city. Since then, the problem has only grown more pressing, he said Tuesday morning.

“Crime continues to be the number one issue facing New Orleans, not only the murder rate, but also a recent spate of armed robberies, carjackings and other violent crimes, particularly in Central City and Uptown,” Strachan said.

A proposal by Mayor Landrieu and NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas to restart the city’s crime-camera program, however, deserves more scrutiny before it’s adopted, he said.

“I’m open to anything that would help reduce crime, but given our past history with crime cameras, a cost-benefit analysis would have to be very thorough,” Strachan said.

Dana Kaplan

LaToya Cantrell

As of now, Strachan faces two likely candidates. Broadmoor Improvement Association president LaToya Cantrell announced her candidacy in late May, and her brightly-colored yard signs have already begun appearing around District B. Juvenile-justice advocate Dana Kaplan begin publicly exploring a bid in May as well, and her supporters recently launched a drive to place her on the ballot with a petition of 1,000 signatures.

Strachan’s campaign launch party will be from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 2, at Second Line Stages.

The official qualifying period for the Nov. 6 election is Aug. 15 to 17.

10 thoughts on “District B staff member leaves post to run for Council seat

  1. Does anybody know if he supports or opposes the traffic cameras? That’s kind of become a litmus test to me for “empty suit” versus “potential statesman.”

    • traffic cameras are the least of our worries , got one ticket never got another one. crime and public safety is what is going to run people outta here

      • Yes, but if you support the traffic cameras then you probably have little problem with giving the short shrift to due process in or order to achieve policy goals. And if you try to fix the crime problem while trampling on due process, well… Let’s just say it isn’t going to work.

  2. I don’t know much about him nor do I know him personally, yet at the same time….When I had a problem and called Stacey’s office, he was extremely helpful He even called me back a week or so later to make sure everything was OK.
    I was very, very impressed. A call back from anything related to city government just does not usually happen.

  3. Utterly unimpressed in my interactions with Strachan. Seems to be another career politician in the making.

    I sure hope Kaplan decides to run.

  4. I know Eric from high school, and granted that was a long time ago, but he’s always been a great guy, very smart and funny too! He genuinely cares about the city, and I think he would be an asset to the city council.

  5. In N.O. today the most important gauge for our government leaders should be their personal ethics. From my interactions with Eric Strachan he seems very honest and hardworking. That’s enough for me to vote for him. Dana Kaplan has a kind and gentle personality, but we don’t need leaders who require other people to make tough decisions for them. LaToya Cantrell seems to be on the other end of the spectrum from Kaplan, with a forceful, hard-charging personality, but to the point of tuning out lesser interests.

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