Audubon Charter school board to hear updates on renovations, admissions at meeting Saturday

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The Audubon Charter School governing board will hear updates on renovations to the Broadway campus, admissions, and on each of its academic programs at its monthly meeting Saturday morning in the Carrollton campus cafeteria.

The complete agenda, which is also available in the “Events” section of the school’s recently revamped website, follows below:

Audubon Charter School
FAME, Inc. Board Meeting Agenda
July 28, 2012
Carrollton Campus Cafeteria
10:00 A.M.

I. Call to Order/Roll Call
II. Board Training
III. Adoption of the Agenda Additions/Deletions (Action Item)
IV. Approval of the April Minutes (Action Item)
V. Administrative Report
A. Broadway Renovation Update
B. Admissions Update
C. French School Update
D. Montessori School Update
E. Development Report
VI. Budget & Finance
A. May 2012 Financial Report
B. Approval of 2012-2013 Budget (Action Item)
VII. Approval of Technology contracts (Action Item)
A. Razorline (Telephones)
B. Microsoft 365 (E-mail hosting and archiving)
C. SHI (Windows 7 Licensing)
D. ITC Network Configuration and Maintenance
E. Educational Networks (Website design and hosting)
F. Cox (Internet and landline phones)
G. Verizon (Cell Phone Service, Equipment & Hotspots)
VIII. Approval of Facilities Contracts (Action Item)
A. Brans Pest Control
i. Pest Control for Both Campuses in the amount of $4,140.00 per year
ii. Termite Contract for Carrollton Campus in the amount of $2,500 per year
B. Materials Management Group (MMG) Contract for Asbestos Designated Person
IX. Adjournment

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