Three arrested in latest bait bike stings

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Bobby R. Hoofkin (via

Glen J. Lewis Jr., (via

James Jackson (via

A series of “bait bike” stings on lower Magazine Street and St. Charles Avenue led to the arrests of three men on Thursday — including one man with a robbery record who tried to fight the officers and another who was already wanted in connection with a burglary charge, police said.

On Thursday, a task force led by NOPD Sixth District Sgt. Gary Calico chose three locations based on theft trends over the last six weeks and placed an unlocked vehicle at each, according to his report. The results were as follows:

  • Magazine and St. Andrew: James Jackson, 18, was arrested within 45 minutes. Jackson is known to police as an associate of one of the Sixth District’s most frequent burglars, Calico wrote. He was charged with a single count of theft.
  • Saint Charles Avenue and Clio Street: Glen J. Lewis Jr., 36, first tried to flee from officers and then attacked them, but no one was seriously hurt arresting him, Calico wrote. Lewis has a pending burglary case from the Second District, but also has an arrest record that includes robbery, rape, drugs, burglary and theft, and fighting with police, Calico reported. Lewis was charged with theft, resisting an officer and two counts of battery on an officer.
  • Saint Charles Avenue and Howard Avenue: The last suspect arrested, Bobby Hoofkin, 54, was also wanted on a court warrant relating to a burglary charge, Calico wrote. Hoofkin also has a lengthy history of felony property crimes, Calico reported.

Thursday’s results show the significance of the bait bike operations, Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy said afterward — not so much that the district is focusing on bicycle thieves, but that the stings take repeat offenders with current outstanding charges off the streets.

19 thoughts on “Three arrested in latest bait bike stings

  1. Why are the police wasting their time – and taxpayer’s money – with this? It is beyond absurd.

    What next? They’ll put a wallet on the sidewalk and wait to see if someone takes it?

    • Re-read: “Thursday’s results show the significance of the bait bike operations, Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy said afterward — not so much that the district is focusing on bicycle thieves, but that the stings take repeat offenders with current outstanding charges off the streets.”

      Good job NOPD!!

    • look up the broken window effect, then read the article again. If you don’t get it, your head must truly be far up your arse!

  2. Pardon me for being obtuse, but what were these three “upstanding citizens” doing walking aboud “the Lower Garden District” as free men instead of sharing a cell in the Orleans Parish Prison facilities or Angola? Obviously, they are “career criminals” who need to be segregated from Society and put away for a long time. As for “frustrated”, I don’t like cops any more that you do, but sometimes it’s cops who stand between us and the law of the jungle. So just what is your point? Would you feel better for yourself, spouse and children if these three “debutants’ were still roaming the streets, looking for their next opportunity to steal, or rob, or rape, or carjack, or kill, if not in the Lower Garden District, Uptown? What’s your point “frustrated”? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Frustrated, I understand. Like you, I get upset when the NOPD goes out there and picks on upstanding Bible school students like the men pictured here. It’s just shameful, especially when there are rapists and other violent offenders out there! Tsk tsk.

  4. I am frustrated w FRUSTRATED’s comments. 1- For people that have had bikes stolen repeatedly, I want these aholes caught & put in jail 2-If u think these Rhodes scholars are just stealing bikes, u are the most uninformed citizen to fall off the turnip truck in New Orleans.

    • Just yesterday afternoon my one week old bike was stolen in front of the St. Charles Guest House on Prytania. I am an older lady and walking about all over is exhausting. I forgot about over the pole is no problem for them. I HATE THOSE GHETTO CREEPS! They have made my life hell more times than I can keep track of. 3 scooters and countless bikes.

      We used to be able to get a crummy bike for $30 but for some god forsaken reason crummy bikes are now $100 . Thiefs at both ends. Anyhow, white Huffy with aqua inner tires. If the red chain is still on the bike… push them off and respond to this post.

        • Thanks for that…. and guess what!!!! The bike i borrowed was stolen today in broad daylight in front of Walmart!!!! I am so sick of this! I don’t have a car. Have to walk all the time and wait for the bus…. a girl just can’t get ahead in this town. Sure are a lot of nice cars in the hood… i resent them so much.

      • Hi, BikeEasy is collecting all stolen bicycle reports in NOLA. They are looking for trends and trying to help cyclists with advice on locking techniques. I know they would like to have fill out a report. Google BikeEasy. Once on the website look on the right side of the page for their map and reports.

  5. Hey 2nd District command, why don’t you call up your buddies over at the 6th District HQ and see if they’ll let you borrow that bike for a day or two. It’d be really neat if you guys would arrest criminals too!

  6. Do more!!!!
    These are great return on investment of NOPD’s limited resources.
    But as Cindy Chang showed in the Dirty TP, we do this to ourselves.
    Side note- found only Newhouse sources for the entire series and would love to re-read – Please post if there is a scum free source.
    Arrest’s, mug shots, and statistics won’t fix the “tryforlin” (try for some of this-try for some of that) that cycles these 3 in and out of prison.
    I had, and continue to hope not having people like Ellios Brook Sims, new Charter Schools, and no Jefferson’s in power would help, but just look at the crimes this week-
    Many of these kids were 10, 11, 12 when “K” hit, and I had hoped we could stop their cycle of desperation, or at least slow it.
    But what we do now is par with “A Modest Proposal-“- by Jonathan Swift
    Lock all the bike thieves we can in prison and 3 squares a day….
    That’s how badly we need to reform.

  7. A lady friend of mine stopped to move a bicycle off the sidewalk so no one would trip on it. She was on her grocery run with her own bike. It was a police “bait bike” and she was arrested for touching it and kept in jail for several days-this is carrying the program TOO far !

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