Sunday Survey: Who should be appointed to the vacant City Council seat?

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Errol George, Stacy Head's nominee to fill her former District B seat on a temporary basis, appearing in a video during her campaign for the At-Large seat. (via

With the 30-day deadline expiring last week for the City Council to choose a temporary successor to Stacy Head for the District B seat, the job falls to Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Who should he pick?

Express your own choice in our survey, and add your thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Survey: Who should be appointed to the vacant City Council seat?

  1. As a resident and voter in District B, I would like to support my elected offical(Stacey Head)’s choice. However, I do not believe that Mr. George will be acceptable to all concern so I would prefer someone who will be responsive to the District B residents. This would eliminate Diana Bajoie who as the District B state representative would only respond to some of the residents but not all. Her appointment would be a serious step backwards.

  2. If the citizens of New Orleans didn’t want her on the council the first time…please tell me why she would be a good fit now.

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