Violence-plagued bar in Hollygrove has alcohol permit permanently revoked by city panel

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In what police and community residents are hailing as another major victory in the fight against crime in Hollygrove,
the city Alcohol Control Board voted unanimously Tuesday to revoke the alcohol permit permanently for Big Time Tips, a lounge at the corner of Eagle and Edinburgh streets that has been the site of repeated bloodshed over the years.

“The record of the violence that has occurred at the bar without any attempt by the owners or license holders to control that, knowing that you have that kind of problem in the neighborhood, is fairly appalling,” said Commissioner Jerry Speir, who represents the Carrollton and Hollygrove areas on the board. “If there’s any record that I have seen since I’ve been on this board for revocation, this is it.”

Much of the city’s case centered on the lengthy history of violence at the bar, including most recently a deadly shooting inside the bar in December, with no substantive attempts to make the establishment safer. Bar owner Deloris Adams countered that the crime comes from the neighborhood, and that Big Time Tips has fed hungry people and contributed to recreation efforts to improve the community.

“The bar has done wonderous things in Hollygrove,” Adams said.

Neighborhood residents and activists largely expressed high personal opinions of Adams, but said the bar is largely out of her control.

“As well intentioned as Ms Adams is, she doesn’t have the capacity to make this bar work, and we may be doing her a favor by taking this bar off her hands,” said Earl Williams, a pastor in Hollygrove.

Each commissioner individually concurred that the pattern of violence, the insufficient attempts to stop it, and the lack of day-to-day involvement by Adams suggested that little would change if the bar is allowed to reopen.

To watch the hearing in full, see the video below:

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Most of the leadership of the Uptown-based NOPD Second District was present at the hearing, and Commander Paul Noel began district-wide community meeting Tuesday night touting the ruling as a major victory that will make a long-term improvement for Hollygrove.

“There’s a church across the street, so that location will never be a bar again,” Noel said.

Click in the box below for live coverage of the Second District meeting:

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