Councilwoman proposes requiring city review for major campus construction projects like Tulane stadium; universities unite in opposition

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District A City Councilwoman Susan Guidry will propose a new ordinance Thursday that would require major college campus construction projects — such as the football stadium Tulane plans for its Uptown campus, which has generated significant opposition along Audubon Boulevard — to be reviewed by the City Planning Commission. Tulane has issued a statement in response decrying the idea as “an unnecessary, unfair and discriminatory reaction to complaints from a neighborhood organization that is really focused on Tulane’s planned on-campus football stadium,” and includes opposition from Loyola and Xavier leadership on the grounds that it could delay all manner of construction projects.

For more on the issue, see reporting by Scott Satchfield of our partners at WWL-TV.

12 thoughts on “Councilwoman proposes requiring city review for major campus construction projects like Tulane stadium; universities unite in opposition

  1. Talk about spot zoning – this is a “nuclear option” cheap way to stop an otherwise completely legal project. Guidry is off her rocker.

  2. Seems completely unfair to Tulane. I live in the neighborhood and am very excited about the stadium. What Guidry is doing is sleazy and slimy.

  3. Everyone in the neighborhood is excited about this project, with the exception of 10 to 20 people. These individuals are in Guidry’s circle of friends. That is the only reason at has come to this. Tulane is not building a new stadium it is replacing the one torn down!

  4. Here’s a question: If the area can’t handle parking for a sporting event with a capacity of 30,000, how does the neighborhood handle parking for two universities – their students, faculty, and staff – every weekday during the academic year?

    Furthermore, why is it so hard to take into consideration the fact that the majority of individuals who will attend events at this stadium already live within walking distance to the area? You don’t have to build a lot of extra parking when all the fans have to do is walk from one side of Broadway to the other.

    • i’m certainly no engineer nor architect, but has anyone ever thought to make a raise the playing field & make a parking garage under the playing field?

  5. Just remember this when her election comes up. We already know the bar and local buisness owners can”t stand her. She only cares about votes. Tulane students and buisness owners do not count. Thank you Susan Guidry, just keep bringing uptown down, while midcity and the garden district keep expanding. Also, great job on coconut beach. Now I have to go to kenner to play volleyball

    • EXACTLY!! And double-right about Coconut Beach. Any competent councilmember would have bent over backwards to keep this in NOLA, with all our blight, how could they not find a spot for them?

  6. Write the whole City Council. If you support any expansion of Tulane, Loyola, UNO, SUNO, Xavier, Dillard or the Med Schools you should be against this motion.

  7. Yep, I didn’t mind Guidry, but after this I’m voting her ass out. The universities are the economic, artistic, etc etc heart of Uptown (city as a whole too) and now you are going to put a choker on them? Got to be kidding. Not to mention….historically there was a stadium there anyway….Aren’t NIMBY’s supposed to be historic preservationists? If so, then build the stadium!!

  8. Agreed with the sentiments expressed here. If Guidry runs again all three registered voters in my house hold will be voting against her. We would vote for CWL at this point. If a recall petition is available please let me know. I will donate $100 towards the effort.

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