Audubon Charter to renovate Carrollton campus restrooms by fall


Audubon Charter School's Carrollton campus. (Photo by Alysha Jordan,

Long-needed renovations to the restrooms at Audubon Charter School’s Carrollton campus will be done over the summer, based on a contract approved by the school board Saturday morning.

The board approved a $62,700 contract with Crescent Commercial Construction, after consultant Ken Ducote solicited proposals from seven local contractors. Among the repairs included in the contract: new sinks, hand dryers, stall partitions, mirrors, urinals, repairs to the walls, cleaning and sealing the tile floors, and repainting the walls and doors. Ducote said the contract specifies the work must be done by Aug. 3, before teachers or students return to school.

The Orleans Parish School Board has promised structural repairs to make the old courthouse building “warm, safe and dry,” and Ducote told the board that he attempted to strike a balance in the proposal between addressing the sanitation needs of the students and not having the charter school pay for work that may have to be redone during the OPSB project.

The board also approved a $26,191 contract with Atlas-Edco to replace the lockers at the school. The current lockers are no longer made, so they must be replaced altogether, said operations manager Alisa Dupre.

Meanwhile, the renovation of the Broadway campus is about to beginning, and a public meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church to discuss those plans.

At Saturday’s meeting, the board also discussed its reimbursements from the federal government for Internet and telecommunications services, as well as a general update on the budget.

2 thoughts on “Audubon Charter to renovate Carrollton campus restrooms by fall

  1. Does anyone know whether this includes the bathrooms that serve the “temporary” buildings outdoors? Or just the main building?

    • Based on the proposal Ken Ducote gave me, it’s boys’ and girls’ restrooms #113, #114A, #118 and #119, and faculty restroom #213. Does that help?

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