New traffic cameras near schools on Camp, Freret, Jackson, Annunciation, Carrollton and Prytania


Six of the 11 new traffic cameras being installed around the city of New Orleans will be placed on busy Uptown thoroughfares, officials announced last week.

The new locations were primarily chosen because of their proximity to school zones and will activate March 12, city officials said. They include:

  • Eastbound Camp Street at International School of Louisiana
  • Eastbound and westbound Freret Street at former Audubon Primary Academy site (the building that now houses Company Burger, Freret Street Yoga and Anytime Fitness)
  • Northbound and southbound Jackson Avenue at Sci Tech Academy
  • Westbound Annunciation Street and Second Street at Clay Square Park
  • Northbound and southbound Carrollton Avenue at KIPP Believe School
  • Eastbound and westbound Prytania Street at Louise McGehee School

Other changes to the traffic program include raising the cameras’ threshold to 10 mph over the limit outside school zones, increasing the length of school-zone hours, moving the appeals process and raising the speed limit on Jackson Avenue. A full description of the changes is available at the city’s website.

4 thoughts on “New traffic cameras near schools on Camp, Freret, Jackson, Annunciation, Carrollton and Prytania

  1. That Freret site seems odd. According to my understanding, that would place it right between two other cameras.

    Perhaps it is because those cameras are not working yet. Well, not working in the sense that as of yet people are not slowing down on Freret. I see the flashes going off all the time, so I assume people are getting ticketed, but people still speed down the street. The corner of Valance and Freret is, in my opinion, a rather dangerous intersection. Low visibility for those on Valance and high speeds on Freret are a bad combination–there was an accident there just last night.

  2. I find these cameras that are not located at intersections to be extremely dangerous. On more than one occasion I have been blinded by a camera flashing a car in the opposite lane at dusk or dark in the winter months. Since I am in a moving vehicle, it was disorientating to be unable to see for a few minutes. I understand the need to slow people down in school areas, but if it is not a an intersection, then I think this should be reconsidered.

  3. There is actually a traffic problem in front of Green Elementary (on Valence, one block off Freret) that is quite dangerous. Traffic in front of the school is routinely stopped in both directions while parents let their kids out in the middle of the street, then wait to make sure they get into the school. There does not seem to be any loading/unloading zone in front of the school where the children could be safely let out on the “sidewalk side of the school.

    Although I have never encountered any children walking in that area of Freret near Valence where the supposed new cameras will be placed, I have, many times seen children almost hit by oncoming cars there in front of Green Elementary School.

    For those who are concerned about the children’s safety and who think speeding cameras will make it safer, there should be just as much concern about the dangerous morning drop off at Green Elementary as well…but that does not bring in any revenue.

    Speed cameras are for revenue!

  4. When I moved away from Germany the things that made me most happy to leave behind were the aggressive drivers, the parking meters that sucked your lifeblood and those stinking redlight/speeding cameras. Welcome to New Orleans or little Germany.

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