Cabbages, kisses in ample supply during Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day parade

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Cabbages fly over Jackson Avenue during the Irish Channel St. Patrick

A member of the Irish Channel Corner Club receives a kiss under a pink umbrella on St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Orleans School Board President Thomas Robichaux marches on St. Charles Avenue at the front of the parade. (Robert Morris,

Members of the Irish Channel Corner Club trade flowers for kisses along St. Charles Avenue.

Clad in tuxedos, laden with beads and beers, paraders march down St. Charles Avenue. (Robert Morris,

The queen and maids roll up Jackson Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Members of the NYC Transit Pipes and Drums band march up Jackson Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Crowds along Jackson Avenue clamor for beads as the first float arrives. (Robert Morris,

St. Patrick's Day parade floats roll up Jackson Avenue. (Robert Morris,

Float riders toss cups and cabbages to parade-goers along Jackson Avenue. (Robert Morris,

A float rider taunts the crowd with a head of cabbage. (Robert Morris,

With his face and hands covered in green body paint, Andrew Hurley of Carrollton waits on Louisiana Avenue for the parade to arrive.

One thought on “Cabbages, kisses in ample supply during Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day parade

  1. This is a great parade and I am delighted that everyone had a good time. Now, for those of you who observed and reveled from the neutral ground on Louisiana Avenue, it would be great if next year you showed some basic citizenship and packed out your trash. C’mon people, it’s a small world that many have to share. Do your part. It wasn’t full of trash when you got there, leave it as you found it. Model some good behavior for your kids. Respect the homeowners on this street who now have to pick up your bottles, cans, diapers, chicken bones and beads. Your tax dollars no longer cover the extensive trash removal they once did. It’s time to citizen-up.

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