Ring worth $160,000 recovered after theft from Walnut Street

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Michael T. Ladner (via opcso.org)

A diamond ring worth $160,000 stolen from an Uptown home was recovered in a pawn shop after police found a man in a stolen car with a pawn ticket for its sale.

The ring and a $40,000 pair of earrings were stolen Nov. 9 after being left in a cup on a countertop in a Walnut Street home in the Audubon Park area, said Sgt. Warren Keller of the NOPD Second District.

Police recently stopped Michael Ladner, 31, for allegedly driving a vehicle that had been stolen, and found the pawn shop tickets for the jewelry inside. The victim actually went to the pawn shop and bought the ring back herself for $2,000, Keller said.

“The diamond was about the size of a quarter,” said Second District Detective Brandon Singleton. “It’s worth more than a house.”

Ladner was booked Thursday with one count of theft, with a note that the total value of the stolen goods is $228,500.

9 thoughts on “Ring worth $160,000 recovered after theft from Walnut Street

  1. That pawn shop should be shut down. They know that diamond was worth so much and red flags eveywhere should have given them an idea.

  2. Amen to Mac’s comment–this pawnshop should be investigated and shut down! Common sense should have told them this big, expensive ring was loot from a robbery.

  3. How did he get into the house? This is a strange story. The story states the ring and earrings were stolen out of a cup on a countertop? WTH? Who would leave their jewerly valued at such a large value out for anyone to pickup?

  4. I had someone steal a very expensive ring from me, once, too. And frankly, amen to bad pawn shops. The alternative is you never get it back, ever, because some crackhead sold it on the street for $40. At least in a pawnshop you have a CHANCE of recovery.

  5. My sister-in-law had her wedding set stolen and while I agree that the pawn shop should be shut down, the laws actually protect the pawn shop. How unfortunate our laws are, the victim actually has to buy their jewlery back from the pawn shop at the cost the pawn shop paid for it from the thief.

  6. He got into the house because he is/was a CONTRACTOR. Can’t believe he would be so stupid to steal a ring that big, and then KEEP the pawn tickets in his stolen car. And I definitely agree that the pawn shop should be shut down.

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